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DPMS AR-10 Wall Mount, Right, Transparent, Spartan Mounts
DPMS AR-10 Wall Mount, Right, Spartan Mounts
DPMS AR-10 Wall Mount, Left, Transparent, Spartan Mounts
DPMS AR-10 Wall Mount, Left, Spartan Mounts
DPMS AR-10 Wall Mount, Right, Spartan Mounts
DPMS AR-10 Wall Mount, Left, Spartan Mounts
DPMS AR-10 Wall Mount Product Photo 1
DPMS AR-10 Wall Mount Product Photo 2
DPMS AR-10 Wall Mount Product Photo 3

Aero Precision M5

Regular price $23.99
SPARTAN MOUNTS RIFLE MOUNT FOR AERO PRECISION M5 - Customized for Aero Precision M5/308.  Does NOT fit standard AR-10, .308 DPMS, or Armalite AR-10b. USA-made, 3D-printed for precision fit. Compact for discreet installations. Available for most other rifles, pistols, and magazines, so you can custom-mount your entire collection.
UNIQUE, ATTRACTIVE DESIGN - Textured dark PETG Plastic for superior strength and simple low-profile design. High quality fit and finish show off gun with both style and safety. Spartan Mounts are the best way to proudly display your collection on a wall for everyone to see, or secure in a gun safe, organized and ready.

STRONG AND SAFE - Secure unique magazine-mount for quick and consistent mounting and removal. PETG will not mark or scratch.

EASY TO INSTALL - Mounting your gun takes only a few minutes. Versatile, "mount anywhere" design for wall, gun safe, or other flat surface. Provides a solid mount in drywall with included drywall anchors. It is also compatible with any type of #8 size screws for mounting in other materials.

EXCEPTIONAL CUSTOMER SERVICE - Spartan Mount racks receive consistently high ratings across all of our sales channels. We offer free returns if you have any issues or problems with our products.

LIFETIME WARRANTY - If it breaks for any reason, we will replace it.

    Before installing, please read our Safety and Installation instructions.


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Great mount!

    My AR10 looks awesome hanging on the wall in my office! Thanks, Spartan Mounts! I tried to post a picture - but the website wouldn't accept it for some reason...


    Aero Precision M5

    Slight hand fitting but over all good

    When I got this mount I had to sand slightly to reduce the width to have it be able to seat in the magwell. Before I sanded it was extremely overly snug (two hands to seat it more then 1/4 of the way into the magwell or remove), since I sanded the face down a little it now enters the magwell and locks into place with only the slightest of resistance. In the end seems to be a great mount, however may require the slightest of fitting.

    Thanks for the honest review Rod!

    Sorry to hear you had to make a slight adjustment to the mount. This fit perfectly in our prototype unit, but it is possible that there is some slight tolerance differences between lowers. I would be more than happy to send over a free custom unit that is slightly smaller, I would just need to know the updated measurements. Please feel free to reach out directly!