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Use 1 Gen Stock for 2 Gen Vector, Adapter Kit for KRISS Vector, Spartan Mounts, Display Photo
Use 1 Gen Stock for 2 Gen Vector, Adapter Kit for KRISS Vector, Spartan Mounts, Display Photo
Use 1 Gen Stock for 2 Gen Vector, Adapter Kit for KRISS Vector, Spartan Mounts, Display Photo

KRISS Vector First Gen Stock Adapter

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SPARTAN MOUNTS ADAPTER KIT - Allows you to use your first generation KRISS Stock on your second generation Vector.  USA-made, 3D-printed for a precision fit, will not mark or scratch your gun. 

8/27/21 Update: This adapter has been redesigned from the ground up with tighter hinge tolerances, a more impact-resistant plastic, and the stock is now centered on the gun.  If you purchased one of the earlier generations and would like to upgrade, please email us with your past order number and we will give you a 30% discount on this new version.

UNIQUE, ATTRACTIVE DESIGN - PETG Plastic for superior strength and simple low-profile design. The Spartan Mounts adapter kit is the best way to adapt your stock for the second generation design.  Our adapter hinge attaches to the metal threads inside the gun, so that the larger plastic threads do not strip.

STRONG AND SAFE - PETG plastic is designed to be comparable to composite gun frames.

EASY TO INSTALL - Mounting to your gun takes only a few minutes.  Kit includes a hex wrench, machine screw, and o-ring.

EXCEPTIONAL CUSTOMER SERVICE -  Spartan Mounts receive consistently high ratings across all of our sales channels. We offer free returns if you have any issues or problems with the product. 

LIFETIME WARRANTY - If it breaks for any reason, we will replace it.

Customer Reviews

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Blake Powers

Works great, I am surprised Kriss don't make anything like this. It's the only way I could find to attached a hinged folding stock to the Vector I own

Gustavo lopez

I have a question dose this adapter allow the first gen stock to clamp to the side like the first gen?

Hey Gustavo,

Unfortunately it does not currently allow for the side latch. The first gen Vector's hinge was placed in an area that is not possible for me to re-create, so I was forced to make an offset which means the latches do not align.

Thanks for asking!

Juan Lopez
Kriss vector stock adapter

I’m currently deployed and was not home when it came in. But I have used it before and I loved it. It’s an awesome fix to apply the gen one stock have nothing but good things to say about it. Awesome product

Austin Boutin
Was nice till it broke - UPDATE

I had previously said that it was nice until it broke which was true. But the customer support was outstanding, they contacted me and offered a full replacement free of charge, which was shipped quickly to my house. Greatly appreciate the effort put in by Spartan and wanted to make sure I updated my review.

Austin Boutin
Was nice till it broke

It was nice while it lasted, but the hook got chipped a little bit and then the mount broke in half. Was a nice fit till that point.

Hi Austin- sorry to hear about your mount. We take care of all customer returns and replacements at no charge to the customer. If you email, we can get your situation taken care of.

Adam Powers
Great product

Worked great. No complaints at all.

Ashleigh Halblaub
Great product

Let me start off by saying I’m very particular when it comes to my gun parts an I was very very impressed with how great this product was. I was hesitant at first due to other reviews but trust me when I say it is a nice tight fit no slop, no wiggle and it feels very very durable. The customer service is great as well I had a few questions about the product an had my answer the same day these guys are great! You guys honestly need to get this out there more I had to search days to find this product but I’m glad I did 100% worth the money I like what you guys are doing please keep up the good work, the only thing I would ask is if you guys could design a catch that works with the gear heads adapter. But other then that this is absolutely perfect! Thank you!