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Use 1 Gen Stock for 2 Gen Vector, Adapter Kit for KRISS Vector, Spartan Mounts, Display Photo
Use 1 Gen Stock for 2 Gen Vector, Adapter Kit for KRISS Vector, Spartan Mounts, Display Photo
Use 1 Gen Stock for 2 Gen Vector, Adapter Kit for KRISS Vector, Spartan Mounts, Product Photo

KRISS Vector First Gen Stock Adapter Kit

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SPARTAN MOUNTS ADAPTER KIT - Allows you to use your first generation KRISS Stock on your second generation Vector.  USA-made, 3D-printed for a precision fit, will not mark or scratch your gun. 

Our side clip lock extension is designed to fit the YETI WURKS tailhook adapter. It is not compatible with the Gear Head Works Tailhook Adapter. The Spartan stock hinge is designed around the Gen 1 stock, and will work regardless of your tailhook setup.


UNIQUE, ATTRACTIVE DESIGN - PETG Plastic with Carbon Fiber for superior strength and simple low-profile design. The Spartan Mounts adapter kit is the best way to adapt your stock for the second generation design.  Our adapter hinge attaches to the metal threads inside the gun, so that the larger plastic threads do not strip.


STRONG AND SAFE - Carbon Fiber impregnated PETG plastic is designed to be comparable to glass filled nylon composite gun frames.


EASY TO INSTALL - Mounting to your gun takes only a few minutes.  Kit includes a hex wrench, machine screw, o-ring, and custom clip adapter.  Clip adapter is specially designed to catch on the Vector body tab when the stock is folded.

EXCEPTIONAL CUSTOMER SERVICE -  Spartan Mounts receive consistently high ratings across all of our sales channels. We offer free returns if you have any issues or problems with the product. 

LIFETIME WARRANTY - If it breaks for any reason, we will replace it.

Customer Reviews

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Great mount

Kinda wish it was treaded so you could screw it in. But honestly is working great right now good job guys

Great for looks not for shooting

This is a cheap and readily available alternative to put the gen 1 stock on your Kriss. That being said you get what you paid for, 3D printed parts sounds great on paper but when put into an actual firearm it doesn’t perform as great as you’d hope. If you are just adding the gen 1 stock as a display item and not for actual firing this will work great. But if you wanted to run it in the field it’s not gonna do so hot. Now it will fit and put the stock on but it bends and wobbles a lot and may very well snap if you apply pressure to the stock while shouldering. I took it into a shop to see if I could have to modified to hold a bit stronger but we couldn’t figure it out. Unfortunately there isn’t a whole lot of options out there so the best you can do is either wait for uppers to restock (very rarely happen) or buy what you can.

Sorry to hear that Steven! We did extensive tests with the gun and stock we had, and found no issues firing the gun. It does sound like your fit is not as tight as it should be, possibly due to some tolerances in the vectors and stocks. If you would like a replacement to test, please reach out to us and I will be happy to take care of you!


Good solution to a weird problem

Works great looks good, my only gripe is the hinge portion is a bit wider than the oem cheek weld.


KRISS Vector First Gen Stock Adapter Kit

Solved the problem.

Don’t know about you but a vector isn’t a vector without the skeleton stock. Unfortunately the gen 2.1 that’s out now (2020)doesn’t come with a hinge. This part fits perfect to turn it into a hinge for the gen 1 stock. YOU NEED TO ADVERTISE THIS MORE AND MAKE IT EASIER TO FIND! I searched for days and stumbled upon this. Came quick and package awesome! A+

perfect for setup

if you want to keep your vector stock as flush as if you had the hinged model, this will be perfect for you.


If your kriss doesnt have a hinge, and you prefer the original kriss vector stock, this is what you need. Its low profile, unlike other adapters, and it looks clean. Highly recommend this adapter.