KRISS Vector Mount

KRISS Vector Rifle Wall Mount Features

SPARTAN MOUNTS GUN MOUNT FOR VECTOR - Customized for the KRISS Vector. USA-made, 3D-printed for precision fit. Compact for discreet installations. Available for most other rifles, pistols, and magazines, so you can custom-mount your entire collection.

Spartan Mounts are low profile, stylish and durable. All of our products are designed and manufactured north of Pittsburgh, PA. We source USA-made virgin PETG plastic for maximum strength. The black textured surface will never mark or scratch your prized possessions. Our products offer quick and consistent mounting for easy display and removal. The mount can be installed in under 2 minutes with included drywall anchors. It is also compatible with any #8 size screw for mounting on other materials. Spartan Mounts have a lifetime warranty and "no-question" free returns. Feel free to reach out to our Customer Service team with any questions!

Before installing, please read our Safety and Installation instructions.


Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Michael Tamburello
Gun wall mounts and mag holders

Everything ordered works flawless. Fast shipping. Only ‘weird’ reviews are that you can see that they’re made with a 3D printer. Who cares, if they’re strong and work, your gun covers it. Only mods I made were to the gun mounts. Removed some material so the gun doesn’t lock on the mount. Be well. Mike

Silvis Renato
Mount for Kriss Vector 10mm

Truly an amazing the Vector is floating on my wall. Highly recommend.

Josh Simmons
Wall art

Absolutely love the mount. My vector sits on it perfectly. Very well made mount.

Joel Ruiz

I LOVE IT !!! Still going strong as we speak !

Chris F
Easy Mounting/Snug fit

Effortless mounting and fits inside the mag well very snug and does not wiggle.

Perfect fit Ar9

I have a multi-cal ar lower with a stiggs defense mag-well adapter for Glock mags, the Kriss vector mount was the perfect fit for me with zero play while hanging up. I couldn’t recommend it more other than adding I might have enjoyed the quick deployable vertical mount just a little more

Nicholas Asbury
Okay for price

If you want to hang your gun vertical than you will end up needing to shift it slightly to be straight, the plastic this mount is made of is weak and the gun will bend it causing it to be off center.