Gun Magazine Storage: A Guide on Storing Your Gun Magazines

September 13, 2022 5 min read

When it comes to gun magazines, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. You need to consider how long you'll store them and the conditions they are exposed to. The longer you store them, the more you need to prepare special storage and for that, it is best to use a gun magazine organizer. 

Gun magazine storage concerns many gun owners. Not only is your family's safety at risk if stored incorrectly, but the condition of your magazines can also be affected. Improper storage can lead to severe consequences such as rust, corrosion, and even jamming upon use.

Luckily, there are some simple tips and tricks to store your magazines safely. Below we've compiled a guide on storing your magazines safely for the long term.

 Magazine Storage

A Guide on Storing Loaded Magazines

 Pistol magazine storage can be a tricky process. Many gun owners are unaware that the conditions in which magazines are stored can affect their condition and function. You don't want to risk damaging or losing your standard pistol magazines’ storage.

If you are going to store magazines for a short period (<30 days) in a cool and dry place, then you don't need to do anything special. However, if you plan to store them for long periods, you must know how to store your standard pistol magazines properly.

When storing magazines, consider how long they'll be stored. The longer the magazine stays in storage, the more likely it is to get affected by corrosion, rust, or make the spring lose its ability. 

Use magazine mounts: Many gun owners use magazine clips for storage. The problem with using magazine clips is that you can lose or misplace them easily. Consider buying mag mounts alongside your gun racks to save the hassle of losing them. Mag mounts can hold a large number of magazines and also keep them organized. This way, you can keep track of your magazines and save yourself the trouble of losing them.

Mag mounts such as rifle magazine mountsshotgun shell mounts, and universal pistol mounts make it easy to carry and store many magazines. They also allow you to categorize magazines according to type, caliber, or other attributes. 

This categorization helps you quickly access the specific magazine you need. It can also help improve the organization of your collection, allowing you to access multiple magazines efficiently. Using this categorization, you can choose a pistol mag organizer, rifle magazine storage, and more.

Mag mounts are an essential part of high-capacity magazine storage. You need to store magazines in categories for quicker access.

Why Store Magazines With Rounds in Them

Storing magazines with rounds is one of the best ways to have easy and quick access to your ammunition, either for self defense, or just if you enjoy going to the range often. 

Use magazine dividers, carriers, or storage bags to safely store magazines. These types of storage help keep the springs strong and stop them from losing their strength over time. As a result, the elasticity of the magazine is preserved, which allows for a smooth and effortless loading process.

Can Magazine Springs Wear Out?

Magazine springs may get weakened over time. When this happens, the spring loses its ability to generate pressure when loaded. This inability makes it difficult for you to unload the magazine, causing jams and malfunctions.

Often, this concern is personal preference, and strongly depends on the quality of the magazines you own, and the environment they are stored in.  High quality magazines in a low moisture environment with constant temperature will last much longer than low quality cheap mags stored in a bin in your garage. 

Magazine springs are a vital part of the magazine, so you need to keep them in top condition. A magazine's springs are responsible for providing force when the magazine is loaded. With the spring weakened, it is difficult to use.

Fortunately, there are a few simple ways to store your magazines to keep the springs strong. You can use a box, carrier, and magazine dividers to store your magazines in top condition away from moisture. Using these products, you can store magazines safely and protect the springs from damage. You can also replace springs if they are worn out.

How Long To Keep a Magazine Loaded

There is no set period for how long you should keep magazines loaded. It depends on the type of magazine and the storage conditions. For most general use pistols, you should use a pistol holder and keep magazines loaded for approximately six months.

Do not keep loaded magazines for longer than required. If you are unsure when to reload your magazine, it is better to be safe and run them to the range for a day to check for issues.

It is crucial to keep magazines cool and dry when storing them. This condition helps prevent spring corrosion and dampness in the magazine. Always keep them in a secure location, protected from the elements. You should also avoid storing them in direct sunlight. Exposure to heat and light can cause your magazines to lose their elasticity.

Many people choose the best of both worlds, and partially fill their magazine, allowing them to have ammo at the ready, while also not compressing the spring completely.


FAQ About Gun Magazine Storage

There are a few questions that almost every gun owner has about storage.

Will it ruin the magazine to keep it loaded?

Many people wonder if keeping magazines loaded is a good idea. It's not a good idea if you want to preserve the springs in the magazine. Keep them loaded for about six months. Keeping them for longer than six months may cause problems with the magazine's function, and you should test fire your mags to check for issues.

If you do have a magazine that you use regularly, it's a good idea to keep them loaded. This loading will ensure they're kept in top condition and are easier to use, and you will know immediately if there is an issue with the spring.

If you have magazines in storage for a long time, it's better to ensure you don't keep them loaded for too long. Magazines stored this way may lose their elasticity, and the spring will weaken. If you keep your magazines loaded for too long and testing shows cycling issues, replacing the spring is best to get them back into top condition.

Do magazines lose power when stored?

Some low quality magazines can lose their power over time when stored in adverse conditions.  Keeping a magazine loaded is not a good idea if you store it for an extended period. 

It's not a good idea to keep magazines loaded for too long. This can cause problems when you need to use them. You don't want to accidentally misfire or jam your magazine because you did not take it out of storage often enough.

The spring in a firearm magazine is an important part of the magazine. It is responsible for providing force when the magazine is loaded. If a magazine is loaded for too long, it can cause the spring to relax and weaken.



Magazine storage is essential to any gun owner's routine. First, you need to keep magazines safe so you want a storage that is cool and dry.Many different products can help you store your magazines in this manner. Choose agun magazine organizethat suits your needs and also matches the environment you use them in. 

You can use a combination of pistol holders, magazine dividers, and gun racks to keep your guns and magazines in looking great, accessible, and in the best possible condition.

Storing your magazines correctly will help you keep the springs strong and prevent problems from occurring. With the right storage magazine, you can store multiple magazines without damaging them. You should always keep the springs in top condition for the best performance. Whether it's for practice or competition, it's important to have a magazine that you can count on.