We all love our guns, but you are responsible for respecting them as the weapons that they are.

There is no substitute for proper firearms safety.

Spartan Mounts urges you to:

  • NEVER mount a chambered weapon.
  • NEVER mount your firearm in such a way that a person can walk in front of the barrel.
  • NEVER store firearms and ammunition together unsecured.
  • NEVER mount a gun within the reach of a minor.
  • NEVER mount a gun above people or pets.

All mounts are designed for stationary display loads, and are not intended for use in automobiles.

We NEVER recommend that you mount a gun above your head in a vehicle because we have no control over what size bumps you may hit while driving.  Additionally, if you were in an accident, we can't control the forces that would be on the mount.

All safety and installation instructions must be followed.

By using our mounts, you agree that Innoworkz LLC will not be held liable for injury or damage to persons or property resulting from the misuse or faulty installation of the product, or for improperly following the rules of firearm safety.