CZ Scorpion EVO 3 OEM Gen 2 Mag Mount

CZ Scorpion EVO 3 OEM Gen 2 Magazine Wall Mount Features

SPARTAN MOUNTS MAGAZINE MOUNT FOR 9mm OEM CZ SCORPION - Customized for 3 Gen 2 OEM 9mm magazines for the CZ Scorpion EVO 3. USA-made, 3D-printed for precision fit. Compact for discreet installations. Available for most other magazines so you can custom-mount your entire collection.

Spartan Mounts are low profile, stylish and durable. All of our products are designed and manufactured north of Pittsburgh, PA. We source USA-made virgin PETG plastic for maximum strength. The black textured surface will never mark or scratch your prized possessions. Our products offer quick and consistent mounting for easy display and removal. The mount can be installed in under 2 minutes with included drywall anchors. It is also compatible with any #8 size screw for mounting on other materials. Spartan Mounts have a lifetime warranty and "no-question" free returns.  Feel free to reach out to our Customer Service team with any questions!

Before installing, please read our Safety and Installation instructions.


Customer Reviews

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Scott Janssens
Just what the Wife wanted... Spartan Mount for Scorpion Evo.

The package arrived promptly. It was well boxed. Installation was a breeze if you just follow the simple instructions and use the correct drill bit for the drywall. Mount looks to be 3d printed and the material is slick and reasonably rugged. Slick enough that my wife's Scorpion Evo Slides into place and is removed easily yet it holds the weapon in place securely. Locks into place but is released with the magazine release. It can easily be placed wherever you want to hide it. Very good innovative product. The additional magazine holder I got is also of the same quality. I was leery of this very lightweight mount holding three full 35 Round PMAGs but it holds them with ease. Kudos!! I will be buying more Spartan mounts in the future.

Justin H.
Awesome Mag Mount! (Scorpion EVO 3)

I love it! If anyone is hesitant to buy anything 3D printed, worry not! It functions perfectly and looks good while not in use. I had no idea it would lock my carbine in, I thought it just freely sits on the mount. You actually have to press the mag release to release the firearm from the mount, which is great! If you want the firearm level when on the mount. I recommend attaching the mount to the firearm and setting it in place on the substrate and making tic marks for proper angle of the mount before screwing in place. DO NOT screw down too tight, you can crush/damage the mount. Worth every penny!

Ryan Levy
CZ Scorpion Mag Mounts

Great overall product. Sturdy, easy to install, fits different models of Scorpion Mags (Magpul, Palmetto State Armory, CZ and Prepper Gun Shop). Would highly recommend.

Terry Christopher

great customer service and the products are great to!

Phillip Bailey
Cz scorpion wall mount

It functional but not ideal. I mounted the mount level and when I mount the gun it wasn’t level.

Hey Phillip,

Thanks for the honest feedback! This is the first we have heard about a leveling issue. Most of our mounts do include a slotted hole to help compensate for any slight tolerance variations, meaning you can adjust the mount angle to get the gun to sit level.

If the issue requires more than the above adjustments, please reach out to us directly and we can discuss options for solving the problem.


Spartan Mounts

James Parsons

Installed the mount yesterdayliked it very much. Easy to install. Worked well for my purpose.


The mount holds any gun up and is solid. Nice fit and easy to use