23 Easy DIY Gun Storage Ideas for Your Collection

August 02, 2022 7 min read

Many practical and attractive options exist for storing guns as your collection grows. Gun collectors often search for the best way to keep firearms safe, organized, and easily accessible in an emergency. Gun safes are a safe option, but are not always practical. Safes are bulky, costly, and look out of place in living areas.

This article will explore 23 clever DIY gun storage ideas to secure and display your firearms collection in the home many of them make an easy project.


DIY Gun Storage: 3 Things To Consider

Responsible firearms owners know that gun safety is the top concern for storing firearms. Untrained people and children must stay away from guns. After addressing safety concerns, you can consider making your storage system attractive and convenient.

Before starting a DIY gun storage project, consider three crucial questions.

1. How Will You Secure the Area?

Depending on your home setup, consider the security threats. Young children, curious guests, and home intruders must not have access to your guns.

Fingerprint Door Knob

A sturdy lock is a must when storing firearms. Cable and trigger locks are wise for open racks. You may also want to consider buying a fingerprint or combination lock for quick access in an emergency. You can even add security cameras, multiple biometric safes or small wall safe to the inside of a closet. If you are installing your firearms in an enclosed secure location, it is a good idea to reinforce the door frame with long security screws on the hinges and latch. Exterior walls can also add an additional level of security by limiting access.

2. Are You Hiding or Displaying the Guns?

You can display or hide your firearms as you choose, depending on the preferences of the people in your home. You can still show off guns safely if you do not want to use a commercial safe.

Plain glass is breakable. Consider polycarbonate sheets or laminated glass for your display. This stronger alternative can help keep intruders and children out. Larger guns and long guns are more difficult to hide, but are also easier to lock.

3. How Will You Organize the Space?

Storing guns doesn't have to create a jumbled mess. Consider separating firearms by type and manufacturer. Organizing guns by shape, size, and function works well. You can also make attractive arrangements in display cases.

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23 DIY Gun Storage Ideas

There are endless ways to store your guns, and they don’t all have to be traditional. Get creative with your storage ideas, use mounts, and create something that will really wow your guests (or just yourself, if you’re keeping them hidden). 

1. Gun Closets and Gun Rooms

Gun Closet

Consider making an entire room or closet into a dedicated firearms storage space. If you can secure a whole room, you have many more options for displaying your collection. These gun rooms look impressive, but they can be great winter DIY projects for your gun collection.

A dedicated space means you can mount guns on the wall to show off your collection, while also keeping them secure behind a locked door. The best part? They will also be easily accessible, saving valuable time in an emergency. 

2. Gun Racks

Gun Rack Wall

Classic gun racks and gun holders don't have to be boring. Using Spartan Mounts' products, you can arrange your firearms any way you like in a secure place. You can store them vertically or horizontally for additional visual interest. you can even add wooden boards or an American flag behind your firearms to further customize the display.

3. Hidden Storage Ideas

Hidden Gun Rack

DIY gun cabinet ideas can be creative. Consider framed art hiding a cabinet. If done right, these can hide your firearm in plain sight without the need for a safe room.

Take a look at some of these fantastic setups featuring gun magazine organizers from some of Spartan Mounts’ most innovative customers for more inspiration.

4. Quick Access Storage

Quick Defense Mount

If you have an intruder in your home, wasting time confronting them could be dangerous, and immediate access is a must. Use clever DIY gun storage solutions efficiently. Spartan Sells a QDM (Quick Defense Mount) for Mil-Spec AR-15s.

5. Built-In Wall Units

Built In Wall Gun Mount

Built-ins save space and blend with the room. The best time to install is during construction or renovation. If this is impossible, you may want a freestanding cabinet bolted to the floor.

6. Secret Doors

Secret Door Cabinet

To keep a room concealed, install a secret door. This door will confuse criminals and nosy guests looking for your guns, and is the perfect choice for a larger home. You can even build in a secret locking mechanism to keep your firearms from falling into the wrong hands. It is not as strong as a vault door, but it is a great option for certain situations.

7. Motion Alarms

Motion Alarm

Motion alarms on cabinets help when a child or intruder tries to access your firearms. A motion alarm alerts parents and sends criminals running.

8. Storage Steps

Hidden Storage Step

For truly hidden firearms, consider building in a stair step. No one but you will know where the guns are, and it is also the perfect place to store valuables.

9. Dresser Drawers

Dresser Drawer Fingerprint Lock

Retrofitting a dresser drawer or secret compartment with a sophisticated lock works as a storage solution. Make sure to bolt the dresser to the wall so that it is a safe place to store loaded firearms.

10. Floating Shelf With Handgun Storage

Hidden Shelf Storage

Another unexpected location for firearm storage is a floating shelf with a secret magnetic lock. You could even add a safe door organizer or door panel organizers to your floating shelf for more storage in a small space.

11. Coffee Tables

Hidden gun table

You can conceal your guns inside a coffee table or use a clear top or sides to display them. Make sure you use safer alternatives to standard glass to keep intruders out. There are many diy gun storage plans and hidden gun cabinet plans on websites such as instructables.com

12. Ottomans

Hidden Storage Ottoman

Another piece of furniture that could conceal your firearms is an ottoman, blending into the living room or den. 

13. Gun Cabinets

DIY Gun Cabinet

You can find many plans for gun cabinets online. Customizing the cabinet allows the perfect fit for your collection and any future items you may buy. If you are looking for a DIY solution, you can find a great gun cabinet plan online.

14. Pallet Racks

Pallet Wood Backer Gun Rack Display

Pallet Racks can be used as-is, or the wood can be cut and reused as a display backer. Make them secure by adding trigger and cable locks.

15. Under Bed Storage

Under Bed Storage Drawer

Many owners keep a handgun in the bedroom in case of intruders. Construct an under-bed drawer and ensure it is locked but accessible. 

16. Pegboards

Pegboard Gun Display

Pegboards are inexpensive. You can make custom arrangements for your collection.

17. Magnet Mounts

Gun Magnet Mount

A magnetic pistol hanger is a great way to keep guns under countertops. These mounts are not very secure, but if you need to get to your firearm instantly and don’t need to worry about children, you might want to consider this option.

18. Gun Walls

Gun Wall DIY Idea

Gun walls are an impressive solution for a large collection of firearms. They can vary in style from hunting rifles to full tactical walls. Many people are mounting their collection inside a gun room or gun vaults.

19. Military Lockers


sturdy metal locker would make a helpful gun storage solution, and would also blend nicely into a man cave or garage.

20. Mantel Gun Storage

Gun Mantel Storage

You can hide a gun in your fireplace mantel for a discreet solution, or display it proudly. Be aware of the mounting surface. If you are attaching to a concrete wall, you may need special hardware for this storage option.

21. Garage Options

Garage Office Gun Storage

A climate-controlled garage is handy if you want your guns close by but not in the house. Gun storage cabinets can also hide in your workbench.

22. Mirror Cabinets

DIY Mirror Cabinet

DIY gun cabinets can hide behind mirrors, enhancing the room's look and creating safe storage space. Spartan Mounts Pistol hangers are a great option for this DIY gun rack.

23. Pull-Out Shelves

Pull out shelf for Guns

If you want space savings, you could install a pull-out shelf similar to a pantry. This arrangement could store many guns in a not much space.


FAQs About DIY Gun Storage

Still have some questions about gun storage? No worries– check below. 

Can you store guns horizontally?

Yes. Guns should be stored either horizontally with horizontal gun rack hooks, or with muzzles down in an upright position. Muzzles down prevent oil from gathering in the stock. When guns are kept horizontal, the lubrication will not run.

Should you store guns in a special sock?

Yes, if you are storing long-term. Gun socks include chemicals that prevent rust, scratches, and dents in the metal. Socks look unattractive on display. When you keep guns in visible collections, take them out frequently for use and cleaning. 

Are there ways to store guns but have easy access for home defense situations?

Yes. When deciding how to store home defense guns, you may choose to keep them in secure places around the house. A locking gun room or closet provides fast access and is a great place to keep smaller guns on vertical gun racks. DIY bedside or under-bed cabinets speed up the process.  

Do you have to keep your guns in a safe?

No. As long as you secure your guns, you do not necessarily have to buy a commercial safe. Pay close attention to security requirements and think about the people who can access your home. Gun owners must be aware of who may access their home and their firearms, and store them accordingly.


What Are the Top Considerations for DIY Gun Storage?

The first concern should always be gun safety. Keep all guns locked with ammunition separate when you’re looking at homemade gun safe ideas, especially if young children will be in your home.

Gun storage solutions do not need to be off the shelf. If you have the skills, you can create DIY gun storage to keep your firearms well-organized and safe from theft and misuse.

Try these gun cabinet ideas and check out Spartan Mounts to gain valuable insight into how to organize your collection.

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