5 Best Gun Display Ideas for Your Gun Collection

July 29, 2022 5 min read

Spartan Mounts Gun Wall

You invested a lot in your gun collection. Whether you are just getting started or you have a substantial collection, it is natural to want to show off what you have built.

Wall displays allow you to display your firearm collection, whether you are proudly showing it to your collector friends or are just enjoying it yourself.

There are many gun display ideas online, and they look so great that you sometimes want to incorporate them all. If you need help weighing the pros and cons of gun wall display ideas so you can decide what best compliments your gun collection, keep reading.


Time to Start Showing Off Your Firearm Collection 

You probably have seen other collectors’ gun display room ideas and want to get started yourself. The options for designs, organization and storage are nearly endless.

Here are the best five gun display ideas to inspire you while you design your wall displays.


5 Best Gun Display Ideas 

When you look to gun enthusiasts or gun show displays for ideas for inspiration, ensure that you are including your personal needs in your design. For example, you may see an amazing long gun display, but if you have a lot of handguns and only a single rifle, that is not one of the best display methods for you. Remember, it is all about you and your gun collection.

1. Classic Wall Mount

    Mounting guns directly on the walls is a classic option. It uses a traditional display to show off your gun collection. You have many options, whether a single rifle, shotgun, or a whole gun collection full of S&WH&K or Rock River Arms.

    Low profile gun mounts allow you to mount each gun individually, exactly where you want it, without the visual clutter of a gun rack. They are available for handguns, rifles, and shotguns and even give you Nerf gun display ideas if your kids want to join in on the gun display.

    Racks can display a single gun or many. And they come in all styles to fit into your house or complement your vision for your gun walls. See what types of display methods work for you with various racks and look at different gun wall display ideas to find the one that will suit your gun collection and style best.  

    2. Fireplace Wall Mount

    Fireplace mounting example

    Few visuals are more iconic than the antique rifle hanging above the fireplace. Even if you do not have an antique gun that fits the bill, you can certainly mount a more modern weapon or your favorite hunting shotgun above the fireplace instead.

    The fireplace is typically an element of your home that draws the eye, so it is a perfect location for a display. How exactly you set it up will depend on your collection and your fireplace, but keep this area in mind as a gun display room idea.

    3. Traditional Gun Display Case

    Gun Display Case

    Display cases allow you to have your guns on display while also being a bit more secure. Of course, a glass case will not deter a burglar, but if you have children in your home, this is a way you can still show off your collection while keeping the kids safe.  Many gun display cases have their own firearm racks, but you also have the option of installing custom mounts on the back panel.

    4. Pegboard Display

    Pegboard Gun Wall

    A pegboard display is a perfect option if you are a person who changes your mind often. It will also work if you are still actively adding to your collection. The pegboard method allows you to change your display as often as you want or need.

    Give your favorite weapon the place of honor on your pegboard. Then, next week when you bring home a new favorite, you can easily move everything around to accommodate your newest acquisition.

    5. Free-standing Displays

    Freestanding Gun Rack

    No one says your gun display must remain attached to the wall. Get creative with other options to add dimension to your display. For example, incorporate a table with a free-standing rack or a glass-topped coffee table that shows off your rifles nestled inside.

    If you are a hunter or just enjoy that lodge-like look, incorporate antlers into your displays, giving it a woodland feel and some dimension at the same time. You get bonus points if you use the antlers from animals you hunted yourself.

    The Best Display Is a Secure Display

    To have the best display, you must also ensure it is secure. It does no good to have a great display if a thief breaks into your home and easily makes off with your collection. And you certainly do not want anyone in your home to be injured because your display is not secure. So, keep in mind the following tips to ensure the safety and quality of your display.


    Tips To Remember When Planning Your Gun Display

    Safety is always a top priority with firearms, and you must design your gun display in a way that does not compromise the safety of anyone in your household. Fortunately, it is possible to maintain safety while having your guns on display. 

    Ensure Gun Safety 

    Gun safety in your house will depend on your family. It will look much different for a bachelor pad than a home with toddlers. Consider each family member’s ability to learn and honor firearm safety.

    If you have young children or if there is anyone in your home who cannot be allowed to handle a weapon, you will need to take extra measures to guarantee safety, such as using fingerprint door knobs and auto-closing doors.

    Make Sure Firearms Are Not Loaded With Magazines

    The main point of safety in your gun display is making sure the weapons are not loaded. These are not your defense weapons—those should be in secure, hidden but accessible locations. Your guns on display should never be loaded. 

    Instead, keep your magazines organized elsewhere with a gun magazine holder. That way, your magazines can be tucked away from easily-accessible areas. 

    Use Laminated Glass or Polycarbonate 

    If your guns will be displayed within a cabinet, you can increase their security by using laminated glass or polycarbonate instead of regular glass. These materials can withstand significant force and lessen the chances of anyone breaking into your cabinet.

    Reinforce Your Display With Frames

    To prevent the possibility of someone breaking the glass and stealing your guns, you can incorporate frames into your display that will prevent the removal of long guns, though it will not do anything for handguns.

    The idea is that the frame is small enough that a rifle cannot be removed, no matter which way someone turns it. This frame could look like a larger window divided into smaller panes, with each space too small to accommodate a long gun.

    This method will also present a bit of an obstructed view of your firearms, but remember that security is of a deeper concern than an unimpeded view.

    Get Sturdy Locks

    Good-quality locks can mean the difference between safety and disaster. Whether it is a trigger lock or the lock on the gun cabinet, this is not the place to scrimp on quality. Cable locks can secure the gun to the display, so even if someone broke in, they would have difficulty making off with the gun.


    Protecting your home and gun display with an alarm system can deter thieves from stealing your collection.  Even an audible-only alarm can keep your display safer.


    Ready to Start Designing Your Own Gun Display?

    When designing your gun display, take inspiration from what others have done using gun mounts, racks, cabinets, and gun magazine organizers. Look at gun show display ideas and gun collector displays. Choose your favorite features, consider your needs and safety factors, and enjoy designing an artful display for your guns that will allow you to enjoy your gun collection to the fullest.

    When you are ready to begin turning the design into a reality, check out Spartan Mounts products for quality solutions for your gun display needs.