11 Amazing Gun Wall Ideas for Your Collection

September 02, 2022 5 min read

Framed Gun Display

You take pride in your gun collection. It represents a hard-earned investment, and you want to be able to share it safely with your guests. Since you've spent years working on your collection, it's natural that you want to display it in your home. A gun wall is a fantastic option to show off your firearms while storing them safely.

Building a dedicated wall for guns in your home is a practical and attractive way to display your firearms. When you use gun mounts on the wall, you can arrange them in any manner you like, grouping them by size, make, or function. Dedicating one or more walls to your firearms collection will help you open up floor space.

This article shares various gun display ideas for your home, reviewing practical considerations and the many design options you can choose. We also address provisions for gun safety.

The article finishes with 11 exciting gun wall ideas you can implement in your home. Read more to discover how to put your treasured collection on the wall for everyone to enjoy.


Add Inspiration to Your Gun Wall Design

If you have been storing your guns in a closed safe or cabinet, you will be excited about finding ways to display them in your home. As you begin designing your gun wall, you will see many attractive options for building a display.

Regardless of the type of display you want to use, gun mounts are the best way to attach your collection to the wall. Mounts provide a secure way to display guns without the worry that anyone can access them without your permission. Spartan Mounts delivers hundreds of different options for firearms of all kinds.

As you search for the best gun wall display ideas, think about the purpose of the room you want to use. For example, if you are arranging a wall in a den, living room, or basement, think about how you want your firearms to fit into the space.

Creating gun show display ideas for your home will allow you to show off your collection in novel ways. If you can dedicate an entire gun room or closet, you will have fewer restrictions on setting up your display. However, if you keep your guns in a single room, you will not be able to enjoy looking at them throughout the day.

As you search for ideas for your gun wall, you will find a wide variety of tried-and-true ideas that others have used before. You will also find creative solutions that inspire you to branch out beyond the expected.

11 Amazing Gun Wall Ideas

Finding the best way to display and organize your extensive collection comes down to design. Ideally, you will want to do more than hang your firearms on a wall. Think about collecting your guns, storing them appropriately, and creating a story with your gun wall. You can take one of these ideas or mix and match it according to your preference.

When considering gun display room ideas, it would be best to address safety considerations first. Responsible gun owners keep their firearms away from children, home intruders, and people who lack the training to use them. When you design your wall display, you must meet or exceed all of these safety requirements.

These are a few other essential safety tips when considering how to display your gun collection:

  • Always keep mounted guns out of the reach of minors
  • Never hang a loaded firearm on the wall
  • Never hang guns over a person or animal's head
  • Keep ammunition separate from your firearms. 
  • Use gun magazine holders to help keep shells and rounds organized. 
  • Consider adding trigger locks and cable locks to your presentation if possible.

Here are 11 fantastic gun display wall ideas that you can mix and match to produce your unique display:

1. Drywall

Large Wall Gun Display

One of the most popular gun display wall ideas is building directly on your dry wall. You can arrange your whole collection for a relatively small investment of time and money.

2. Peg Board

Pegboard Rifle Display

Another standard solution is using a commercial pegboard. Hanging firearms, ammunition, and accessories on these boards is a simple solution. This material is easy to get at any home improvement store, and you can use our mounts and gun magazine organizers to attach items to the wall. Peg boards also need to be fastened to wall studs for safety.

3. Custom-Backed Display

Custom backed gun wall display brick

If you want to go above and beyond, you can add a custom backing material to your display instead of pegboard or drywall.  Consider wood beams, trim work, reclaimed pallet wood, or even custom printed vinyl for a textured look.  

4. Custom Gun Walls

Custom wood backed gun wall

If you want to invest more in your gun wall display, consider having a builder construct a custom wall. Working directly with the builder, you can customize what you want and easily fit the wall into your homes style and design. You can combine vertical rifles with horizontal displays for variety.

5. Historical Displays

If you are interested in historical firearms, try creating a themed area with other memorabilia from the same time. This technique will produce an organized, informative display that showcases your guns in context. For example, you could display guns, photographs, and maps from the Old West beside your treasured antique firearms. 

6. Mix Horizontal and Vertical Displays

vertical gun mount

Using Spartan Mounts' products, you can hang your guns in any arrangement you like. You can mix horizontal placements with vertical rifles to create a pleasing pattern. This contrast will bring an exciting modern look to your collection.

7. Traditional Gun Racks

traditional gun rack

Even though you are planning an entire wall for your gun collection, you may like the look of the traditional rack. You can choose a horizontal or vertical rack for a classic look, even mixing them together for a unique gun rack display. Including traditional pieces in your gun wall display will give your room a sense of history.

8. Hunting Theme

hunting themed gun room

Displaying your guns on a wall alongside mementos from your hunting experience will allow you to share your personal history. Adding antlers, skulls, and photographs beside your firearms will help you relive memories and build excitement for upcoming trips. Using our best-selling gun mounts allows you to create an ideal display.

9. Military Experience

veteran gun room

If you are a veteran or interested in our armed forces, you may want to create a military-themed wall display. You can include versions of guns carried in specific conflicts or used during your service to our country.

10. Wood-Framed Mounts

wood framed rifle display

If you need to highlight a special part of your collection, consider putting it in a wooden frame to separate it visually from the rest of your firearms. Add the appropriate mount to secure the gun in the frame. 

11. All-American Themes

Chris Kyle Gun Wall

Gun ownership should be a source of pride. Many enthusiasts choose an Americana theme for their displays and an All-American theme is great as agun display room idea when you have the space for it. Incorporating flags and other national symbols can show pride in your country and collection and having an entire room dedicated to this theme creates a truly special place in your home.


How Do You Want To Show Off Your Gun Collection?

There is a wide variety of gun wall ideas available. You may want to use a gun show display idea, or come up with your very own design. You can customize your display from traditional wooden racks to carefully thought-out historical presentations to match your home and your personal needs. When you take the time to plan out your collection using best-selling Spartan Mounts products, you will have the safe, organized gun wall display you have always wanted.