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Love it looks and works great

Drywall Anchors
Gabriel St. James
In Love

I love Your product!!!!

Perfect Fit

Happy with this set up for my Shockwave Mag Fed. Quick & easy install. Typical stable Spartan mount. Will be buying another for my full size 590-M soon.

DP-12 mount

I used laminated shelving (Lowes) securely attached flat against the wall in an attractive repeating vertical floor-to-ceiling pattern that provides a backboard of uniform stud-like support anywhere I choose to place the Spartan mounts (and the best part is it received the "wife decor stamp of approval"!). The Spartan DP-12 mount defies gravity and is the perfect way to display this unique piece. Well done!

Trade for EV+mag

My Scorpion looks better hanging with the 30mag inserted, so make mount with +mag and trade me for 5stars

Mossberg 88/500/590 DEEP
Edgar Villanueva

Mossberg 88/500/590 DEEP

6" Phillips Driver
Joel Kuttler
Must have

These mounts have deep pockets for the screws to sit properly. Without it, your going to be buying it at a hardware store right after you realize you have a problem reaching the screw I. Your new mount.

Sturdy & Classy

Got a pair of these and they're great. Also got a couple for my Glocks. Very nice.

Nice Mount

Have a pair of 870s set up with side saddles and these worked out great. Always appreciate Spartan quality and workmanship.

Great Engineering

I've had my DP-12 for several years but could never find a good way to display and access it. This mount works perfectly in spite of the weight and unusual frame of the shotgun. Very impressed and pleased. This is my tenth Spartan Mount purchase. All have been flawless in workmanship, easy to install with the high quality hardware provided and safely secure each firearm.

ETS AR-15 Mag
Ryan Moore
Does not work with "Coupler" ETS AR mags

Does not work with "Coupler" ETS AR mags. I assumed that it would fit all ETS AR mags. I am very happy with all of my other Spartan Mounts products and I'm sure this product works great with the standard ETS Mag.

Works for an Aero EPC 9

I bought this hoping for an easily accesible behind the clothes mount in my closet for an Aero Precision EPC 9mm I built that takes Glock mags, the mount fits, locks in, and hold the ar well

Canik TP9 Magazine
Rick Beaty
Canik mount

Works great just like all the Spartan Mount products I am using.

AR-15 Bench Mount
Jonathan Johnson

Exactly as I wanted and perfect piece for my collection! Makes working on my AR’s much easier

M&P 9/.40
Absolutely Perfect

I have several of their mounts and they are excellent! The best mounts I have used hands down.

Ty Reiff
Spartan Mag Mounts

I purchased both mounts for my AR-15's and my AR-10. I have a specific location I plan to put all of them once I get my home remodel completed. For now, I am very happy with the semi ceiling style mount it to solid wood. Looks awesome and is secure.

Great product at a great price

I orderd a few of the mounts for differnt locations . On the wall for show and next to my bed for easy access if needed .

Top shelf gear

Excellent fit across several firearms. Solid mounts that were well thought out, designed to be robust and make my gun room look, dare I say it…, Secret Squirrel like. Well done folks.

Michelangelo Pirrello
Organization of toys

Spartam mounts provides the mounts to help organize and display your hunting gear to your desired configuration.

SIG P226/P2022
Bryce Irwin

Good quality product

Great Quality, Quick Order Process, First Class Product

Needed a strong vertical mount for a tight space for one of my ARs. This worked perfectly. Had a couple really helpful email exchanges with Ben and ended up ordering four more mounts for my shotguns. Just realized they make a DP-12 mount that I'll be ordering soon too. Good Company, Good Guys. They're my go to mount vendor now. Highly recommended.

SIG P320 X Compact RXP

Bought a magazine mount , very high quality, Had to go and order a 2nd one .
Also ordered the Gun mount . All high quality at a low price . Will definitely be my go too place again in the future. And did I mention it's American made ☆☆☆☆☆

Glock Slide
Thomas MacDonald

I was extremely lucky to see that spartan mounts made this just as I'm building a 2nt slidefor my G23. It fit perfectly on my gun wall and it just as high quality as all of thr spartan mount products. Love all of the products from this company.

SIG P250/P320 Magazine
Michelangelo Pirrello
p320 pistol mag mount.

Works perfectly and looks awesome.

Charles M Russell