How to Organize a Gun Safe: 8 Tips & Tricks

December 29, 2022 4 min read

Organizing a gun safe is an important task for gun owners. As a safe owner, you know that storage space can be a premium inside of a gun cabinet or safe. Not only does it help keep your firearms safe and secure, but it also gives you quick access your guns when you need them. In this post, we will cover some key tips for organizing your gun safe, some options for safe accessories, the best safe storage options and also easy safe maintenance. Basic home safes can also be used as gun storage solutions, although they are often not tall enough for long rifles. When safe space is a premium, taking the time to organize for your specific needs can give you a lot of additional space

Organized Gun Safe

Some Things to Consider

Sort your guns by type

One of the first things you should do when organizing your gun safe is to sort your guns by type. This could include separating your handguns from your long guns, or grouping them by caliber. This will help you to quickly and easily find the firearm you are looking for when you need it. The best gun safes come with a flexible interior, simple handgun hangers (pistol hangers) and door panel organizers. These are a great first step to get you started, especially when you have a variety of guns.

Use gun safe organizers

There are many different types of organizers available for gun safes, including shelves, safe door organizers, pistol racks, and easy access compartments. These organizers can help you to efficiently use your shelf space to store and access your firearms, as well as keep them organized and in good condition. Spartan Mounts are the most versatile option for organizing the unused space in your gun safe. Check out our Vertical MountsHandgun Racks, and Magazine Storage Racks!

Look Into Magnets

Many gun safes have exposed metal surfaces. These are a great way to use gun magnets and increase the amount of space you have. These magnets can be installed on any Spartan mag holder for convenient storage in a small space.

Consider using foam inserts

Another option for organizing your gun safe is to use foam inserts, which are custom-cut pieces of foam that are designed to fit your specific firearms. These inserts help to protect your guns from damage and also keep them in place so they don't shift around in the safe. If you are using large blocks of foam, consider adding a large desiccant pack to your gun safe. Foam has a tendency to hold moisture if you live in a humid environment and can cause corrosion.

Make sure to label your guns

Labeling your guns can help you to quickly and easily identify which firearm is which, especially if you have multiple guns that are similar in appearance. You can use labels, tags, or even write directly on the foam inserts or top shelf with a permanent marker.

Add LED Lighting

A great addition to a modern gun safe is the addition of simple LED strips. There are many options available on the market. You can even install a door switch so they turn on automatically when you open the door.

Add an Alarm System

Many gun safes have room for you to do some safe interior modifications. You can easily install aftermarket alarms to your safe to alert you to unauthorized access.

Regularly maintain your gun safe. 

In addition to organizing your gun safe, it is important to regularly maintain it to ensure that it is in good working order. This could include checking the lock and hinges, cleaning the interior and exterior, and checking for any signs of damage or wear.

By following these tips, you can help to keep your gun safe organized and well-maintained, which will make it easier for you to access your firearms when you need them and ensure that they are protected from damage. So, these are the few steps that you can follow to organize your gun safe efficiently.

Well Organized Gun Safe Door

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the best way to sort my guns in the safe? One option is to sort your guns by type, such as separating handguns from long guns, or grouping them by caliber. You could also consider organizing them by use, such as keeping hunting guns together and self-defense guns in another location.
  2. How do I keep my guns from rusting? One of the best methods to keep corrosion at bay is to use a gun sock to store your most prized firearms. The best ones contain anti-corrosion oil. Alternatively, you can keep a desiccant or safe dehumidifier in the safe, and keep your firearms coated in a light layer of gun oil.
  3. Are gun safe organizers worth the investment? Gun safe organizers can be a useful tool for efficiently storing and accessing your firearms, as well as keeping them organized and in good condition. They may be worth the investment, especially if you have a large collection of guns or if you frequently need to access your firearms.
  4. How often should I maintain my gun safe? It is generally recommended to perform regular maintenance on your gun safe to ensure that it is in good working order. This could include checking the lock and hinges, cleaning the interior and exterior, and checking for any signs of damage or wear. The time between maintenance can vary based on its location in your home and the average humidity in your area. 3-6 months between inspections is probably a good place to start.
  5. Can I store other items in my gun safe besides guns? It is generally recommended to only store guns in a gun safe, as it is designed specifically for this purpose. However, you may be able to store other items such as ammunition, important documents, or other small items in the safe as well, as long as they do not interfere with the safe's primary function of storing and protecting your firearms. As a responsible gun owner, gun safety is the top priority.