10 Awesome Man Cave Gun Room Ideas

September 12, 2022 6 min read

The man cave idea is a relatively new one. But since the inception of the phrase, men have been creating more elaborate and creative ways to decorate their little piece of masculine paradise. Regardless of how elaborate or simple a man cave is, it always is personal and unique to the individual.


What’s the Purpose of a Man Cave?

A man cave is, in essence, a sanctuary for men to get away from the stress and mundane nature of their everyday lives. While women have their “she-sheds,” men have taken the idea of a man cave to creative new heights. 

A lot of guys believe that entertainment is usually the focus of man caves, but a growing trend in the market is using this area of the house as a central location for home protection and a safe place to perform gun maintenance. A lot of times, guys simply want to find cool ways to make their small man caves feel more inviting. There are several variations of this theme, and we will address some of the more popular and most creative ideas in this article. There are some basic wall hooks on the market, but we think a better way to display your firearms collection is with Spartan Mounts. Check out this complete resource guide below!


The 10 Man Cave Gun Room Ideas

Below are the 10 ideal types of man caves that double as gun rooms. While our research led us to these options, feel free to customize them based on the layout of your home. The best part of a man cave is that it is so unique. The important part is to design it around your specific personality, and give it your personal touch.

The Situation Room

The Situation Room

The idea behind this room is to give the space a more militaristic vibe. Complete with a conference table and office chairs, The Situation Room is your command center for all things gun related. 

Gun mounts are essential in all man cave gun rooms, but none more so than with this particular room. AR-specific mounts are becoming more popular and would stand out on the gun wall in the Situation Room. With your full arsenal on display on each wall, this room combines a fun man cave atmosphere with a business-like attitude sure to command attention among your guests.

We recommend a situation room because all of your home defense tools, and extra ammunition, will be readily available. You will not waste time opening safes or searching through closets with this layout.

The Hunting Lodge

The Hunting Lodge

A classic interpretation of a proper man cave gun room is The Hunting Lodge. Imagine a focus on brick and oak decor along with artwork and mounts depicting your past and future hunting conquests, all displayed in your home office. A light fixture inside the clear cabinets makes for a great focal point behind the desk.

With a concentration on hunting rifles and shotguns, these particular mounts are going to be a necessity in The Hunting Lodge. 

The overall vibe in The Hunting Lodge is going to focus on a relaxed, rural atmosphere with guns proudly and securely stored. When your guests are here, you want them to picture themselves not in a room of your house, but in a rustic cabin in the woods, preparing for the morning hunt for big game.

The Professional

The Professional Gun Room

Not all man cave gun rooms are geared toward hunting. If James Bond ever settled down in a nice neighborhood, he’d be in the market for the ultimate man cave gun room.

Enter The Professional. Guns and ammo are displayed as sleek, decorative pieces alongside luxury watches, tailored suits, and dress shirts. Throw in a few high-end cigars, dress shoes, and high-quality knives, and your man cave is ready for 007 himself.

The guns displayed in a room such as this one must be subtle and classy. The mounts needed in The Professional will require a similar level of elegance. These options will help your rifles and handguns blend in as just another luxurious accessory for the gun owner in your life. A smaller wall like this is that these DIY projects take less time than some of the others.

What is noteworthy about The Professional is that no one element stands out or takes up too much space. You want to maximize the layout of your guns and wardrobe.

Guns and Swords

Guns and Swords Display

Where some custom man cave gun rooms are going ultra-modern, there is still something special about an old-school proper man cave. 

This is where The Guns and Swords theme comes in. Here is the type of man cave gun room you would imagine Teddy Roosevelt having in his home. A custom knife mount will set the tone of this room.

When your guests enter a Guns and Swords custom man cave gun room, they will be in awe. Not only of the classic hunting rifles on display but of the gleaming steel of your ultimate sword collection.

The Display Room

Well Lit Gun Display Room

Sometimes, you want your gun collection to be the focus of your ultimate man cave. Other times, you want them to blend into the background.

Such is the case in The Display Room. While still a proper man cave, the guns on display in this room are a part of the ambiance and not the focal point. You will want to display the guns in this room in cabinets along the wall. Depending on your arsenal, it is a good idea to make the right choice for gun mounts. This would also be a great place to include a pool table, hidden gun storage, or wine cellar.

Rock and Roll

Rock and Roll Gun Room Man Cave

Nothing says man cave like guns and good music. If this setup is your idea of the ultimate man cave, then The Rock and Roll is for you.

This room combines classic displays of firearms with the coolness of your guitar and instrument collection. The testosterone levels will be turned up to 11/10 when you and your guests are surrounded by shotguns and Strats, guns and Gibsons, or even pistols and Peavy's. 

The Bunker

The Bunker Gun Room Man Cave

If decorating your man cave is not your style and you’re just looking for the basics, then The Bunker could fit your needs. This is the perfect place to keep all of your ammo and firearms.

This room does not have all the bells and whistles of the other options, but when it is time to get your hands on your arsenal, The Bunker is the perfect setup. Without the need for any fancy decor, your mounting options can get down to the basics as well. If you have a concrete floor, even a simple rug is a great addition to the space. Depending on it's location, you could also make it a hidden room!

The Cabin

The Cabin Man Cave Gun Room

A proper man cave is a great way that you and your guest can relax and get away from life while still being in your home. Even if you are using your man cave as a gun room, the goal is still the same. 

The Cabin brings you the best of both worlds. Oversized furniture, a roaring fireplace, and Western decor will give you the feeling of being in the woods while still displaying your impressive firearm collection. Depending on your hobbies, you could easily add video games, arcade games, or bar stools to better suit your style. You could even add a hot tub outside to enjoy with your spouse.

The Home Base

The Home Base Gun Room Man Cave

The final option is another simple concept. The Home Base is just what the name implies. With a bank of security camera monitors keeping an eye out for intruders, homeowners with this man cave gun room will rest easy knowing their family is safe at all times.

If trouble does strike though, no worries. With your arsenal mounted in the background, you will be ready for whatever danger comes knocking.


When Does a Room Become a Safe?

Gun Room Display

Having a room dedicated to gun displays and storage is great. However, there are obvious safety concerns when storing guns in a home with children. 

If your idea of a man cave gun room is simply to have a room where you can display your weapons proudly but out of reach of kids, it is a great idea to install a locking mechanism on the door leading to the room. 

This feature will also allow you to go inside and perform gun maintenance without the worry of a child entering while performing your task.

Build Your Gun Room Man Cave Today

If the thought of having a man cave gun room appeals to you, do not wait any longer. With the ideas laid out in this article and your creativity, a man cave gun room can be an excellent addition to your house.