15 Cheap But Effective Gun Storage Ideas That Don’t Break Your Wallet

September 12, 2022 6 min read

Gun storage ideas must be safe and effective. There are many gun storage options, and storing a gun without a gun safe can be inexpensive. However you choose to store your gun, you should apply safety measures around your home.


Why A Gun Safe Might Not Make Sense for You

Although gun safes are the ideal gun storage solutions for most, they will not work for everyone. 

They’re Expensive

Gun safes are very pricey. There are limited options for reliable gun safes that cost under $300. Some even cost over $10,000.

You must also account for other costs. For example, you will need to store your ammunition separately, and you may need to buy a new gun safe when your gun collection grows. You will also have to consider the weight, size, and cost of installing the gun safe in your house.

Gunroom storage ideas, such as using security cameras and bolting your safe to the floor, help prevent burglary but add further expenses. 

They Can Be Hard To Access in an Emergency

If you do not access your guns frequently, you may not be as fast as necessary to open the safe door. You will need to act quickly in a home invasion, and retrieving a gun from a safe with a combination takes up valuable time. 

Attractive to Home Invaders

Neighbors and friends may discuss your gun collection if the safe is in plain sight, and this gossip can attract the attention of thieves. Once inside, home invaders can quickly find your safe and steal all of your guns in one swoop. 

No safe is 100% secure, and at the end of the day, if the thief has time on their side, they can even remove a small safe and worry about opening it later.


Cheap Does Not Mean Unsafe

Cheap gun storage ideas must still promote safe gun storage. Luckily, many gun storage ideas are relatively inexpensive.

Always follow basic safety precautions, such as:

  • Store your guns unloaded
  • Keep guns out of reach of children
  • Protect your firearms from rust and water damage

For more safety tips, check out our safety instructions page.

 Rifle Storage

15 Cheap Gun Storage Ideas

Gun storage ideas should reduce the cost of storing and owning guns over time rather than simply reducing the initial cost of purchasing storage. Here are some ways to reduce long-term gun storage costs.

Traditional Gun Safe Alternatives

  • Utilize a job site toolbox
  • Construct a closet gun safe (Spartan Blog: Gun Closet Ideas)
  • Construct a hidden gun safe (Spartan Blog: Hidden Gun Storage Ideas)
  • Invest in a less expensive car gun safe
  • Consider using a gun locker instead of a gun safe
  • Lock and conceal guns cleverly in your kitchen cabinets or slide out drawers (Spartan Blog: Storing Guns Without a Safe)

Cost-saving Ideas To Improve Gun Safe Security 

  • Select an ideal location and bolt down your gun safe
  • Buy a pre-owned gun safe instead of a new one
  • Construct a closet around your gun safe
  • Purchase a gun safe that is not fireproof
  • Reduce the fire risks around your home
  • Strengthen your home’s security
  • Special order your gun safe to reinforce only the areas you need
  • Conceal and lock up your tools, so intruders cannot use them
  • Install pepper spray booby traps around or on your gun safe


Additional Cost-effective Gun Safe Considerations

In addition to implementing some of the ideas listed above, there are a few other aspects to consider when reducing gun storage costs. 

1. Assess Risk and Determine Your Desired Protection

A great way to reduce costs and protect your firearms simultaneously is not to purchase unnecessary or undesirable protection. Consider your personal situation and determine what a reasonable threat level may be. From there, you can devise a solid protection and storage plan accordingly.

After considering the potential risks associated with fires, floods, or intruders, you’ll can determine exactly how much protection your guns require. Who knows, your situation might not even require a safe for your guns.

2. Treat Your Firearm as an Asset.

Your homeowner’s or renter's insurance is a great way to cover the costs in situations of loss. However, your insurance coverage is generally useless if you don’t have proper documentation of your belongings.

You’ll want to create a catalog of your guns' specifications, including the make, the model, and the serial number. Include high-quality photos of each gun and their serial numbers in your documentation.

Keep several copies of your catalog, and have one or more physical copies somewhere other than your primary residence. For example, consider safe-keeping one at a friend’s home, your place of business, or even in a safety deposit box. 

3. Acquire Insurance For Your Firearms

If your guns are uninsured, consider calling your insurance company and adding additional firearms coverage, including the option that covers replacement costs. This added level of insurance typically costs less than $100 per year, which is far less expensive than investing in a gun safe.

However, insurance costs can vary based on the number of firearms you own, the area you live in, and other determining factors. You may also need to consider getting separate coverage if your homeowner’s or renter's insurance doesn’t have the add-on option, but it’s worthwhile to obtain peace of mind. 

Even if you own a more reputable and pricy gun safe, it might fail, be broken into, get flooded out, or even burned up. If this does happen to you, insurance will cover both the safe and its contents. 

You can take everything one step further by getting your guns appraised. Most insurance companies require an appraisal up front anyway.

Suppose you have a gun collection that is particularly valuable or full of irreplaceable items. In that case, your insurance company may require you to store them in a much more secure location, typically a true safe. The company may even offer a discount on your premium if you use an actual safe, so you should inquire about them before purchasing a policy or before purchasing a true safe.


FAQs About Cheap Gun Ideas

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions.

Where can I store my guns without a safe?

Gun cases are ideal for those who travel frequently or visit the shooting range often. These are sturdy and protect your guns well, but they are easy to access with simple latches.

Where is the best place to store a gun?

The best place to store your firearms will depend on your biggest concerns.  To protect your guns from fire, place them on the first floor, away from the kitchen, garage, and other fire hazards. The first floor also keeps your guns safe from flooding, as basements and garages are more likely to experience water damage.  

If you are looking to store a self defense pistol, the best place is in a secure holster on your person, or in a quick access safe in a place that you have easy access to.

Spartan Blog: DIY Gun Storage Ideas

Is it OK to store guns in the garage?

Yes. However, you must add an extra layer of security. Place your guns far from doors where visitors and children frequent, and make sure to protect them from humidity and temperature changes that can occur in the garage and lead to rust.

Can you store a gun in a gun sock?

Yes. You can place your gun in a gun sock before storing it in a gun safe to protect it from rust. 


How Can Gun Storage Protect Myself and Others?

If a home invasion occurs, retrieving a gun from a safe can take too much time. Cheap gun safe ideas are available, but the overall cost is much higher than wall mounts and other storage methods. 

When you store your guns, you should plan to protect them from fire, flooding, rust, and humidity to avoid the cost of replacing your collection. Most people can benefit from storing their guns on the first floor, away from fire hazards and the living room. 

Gun mounts allow you to access your guns quickly in the case of an emergency while keeping them out of reach of children.You’ll findcool gun storage ideas, including shotgun storage ideas, online, in magazines, and at gun shows. Thesesafe gun storage ideas will help you brainstorm safe ways to store your guns and accessories. You can also protect your family from improper use of guns when you buy a gun mount online