Magnet Screw

Magnet Screw Features

Our magnetic screws are perfectly sized for Spartan Mounts.  Each 1" magnet is the strongest our supplier offers, and has 37-lb of pull force! Although these are not a requirement for many installations, they do offer a unique solution for certain applications.

[1] purchase is 1 magnet and screw.

  • 4 magnets on a PMAG 6x mount will hold 6 fully loaded PMAGs
  • 2 magnets on a pistol mount will hold any pistol
  • 2 magnets on a mag mount will hold any pistol or rifle mags
  • 4 magnets on a QDM mount will hold a standard AR
  • 3 magnets on an AR-15 mount will hold a lightweight AR (see note below)

These magnets are designed for MAGAZINES, PISTOLS, and BATTERY MOUNTS. Most Rifle, Shotgun and Tool mounts with 2 holes will not hold. Rifle and Shotgun mounts with 3 holes MAY work, depending on the surface and the weight of the rifle.

37-lb is the pull force directly away from steel.  Surfaces covered in thick fabric or paint can reduce the magnetic force.

Safety: these are very strong Neodymium magnets.  They are attracted to each other with 74-lb of force, and are a pinching hazard.  Keep away from children, medical devices, pacemakers, hard drives and sensitive equipment.

Customer Reviews

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Can't Get Enough of Them!

I literally love these things. Pop them on the back of a mount and makes it so much easier to organize and reconfigure a metal cabinet.


The magnet screw is a great addition to the Spartan Mounts themselves! It make the mount portable and adjustable! Does not slip or fall!

Great way to attach your mounts.

Used the magnets for universal pistol mount and Lancer Mag mount. Works perfect and very strong. Great addition to steel safe or gun cabinets.