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Milwaukee M18 Battery Adapter

Milwaukee M18 Battery Adapter Features

SPARTAN MOUNTS BATTERY ADAPTER FOR M18 BATTERIES - Customized for all sizes of Milwaukee M18 batteries. This item clips into any M18 battery, and gives you two 14-22 AWG wire terminals to use as an 18V source for any project. Includes a 10A safety fuse, power switch, and indicator light. The uses are nearly endless; robotics, home automation, camping, test facilities, work trucks, emergency kits.

power wheels need much more current than 10A, and will not run off of this item.

STRONG AND SAFE - USA-made, 3D-printed for precision fit, with an integrated circuit board for maximum reliability. Built in 10A safety fuse keeps your projects safe. Integrated power switch and indicator light simplify your project! Screw Terminals are designed for 14-22 AWG wire.

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