UZI Pro Mount

UZI Pro Pistol Wall Mount Features

SPARTAN MOUNTS PISTOL MOUNT FOR UZI PRO - USA-made, 3D-printed for precision fit. Compact for discreet installations. Available for most other rifles, pistols, and magazines, so you can custom-mount your entire collection.

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Spartan Mounts are low profile, stylish and durable. All of our products are designed and manufactured north of Pittsburgh, PA. We source USA-made virgin PETG plastic for maximum strength. The black textured surface will never mark or scratch your prized possessions. Our products offer quick and consistent mounting for easy display and removal. The mount can be installed in under 2 minutes with included drywall anchors. It is also compatible with any #8 size screw for mounting on other materials. Spartan Mounts have a lifetime warranty and "no-question" free returns. Feel free to reach out to our Customer Service team with any questions!

    Before installing, please read our Safety and Installation instructions.


    Customer Reviews

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    Bill Galewood
    Uzi Pro mount

    It fit my Uzi Model B perfect.I did have to sand off a few thousands off front of mount.Took only a few minutes.This wasnt the mounts fault it was because inside the mag well at bottom both sides were small outward purtrusions .This Uzi Pro mount does fit the Uzi Model B.Im very satisfied with all Spartan mounts.Bill

    Uzi Pro Mount (IWI Israeli Weapons Inc)

    I received a pre-release that was not really designed for the Pro and probably for another Uzi model by IMI. Either way the mount is solid but mine in particular was not perfect. I already knew that before it was sent so I cannot complain about it. It was a simple fix of shaving off some material till my Uzi Pro fit. I am sure the new and improved one that Spartan Mounts sells is a perfect fit and maybe one day I will replace my modified version with a proper version but until then I will use this. Either way hope this helps someone out!