How To Build a Gun Rack for Your Wall: Easy Guide

September 15, 2022 4 min read

Firearm fanatics assemble! Are you looking to build a storage display for your gun collection? Whether for defensive pistols, shooting sports, or heirlooms passed down, there are unique ways to store your collection.

Perhaps space is limited in your home or garage. A wall rack is an easy DIY solution, ideal for those who want flexibility in their display. Enjoy the security and accessibility of a curated gun collection on display while adding function to your firearms.

You don’t need to buy expensive shelving or be an expert builder. We’re giving you the ammunition you need to pull out the toolbox during your next DIY weekend project and start your gun rack plans.

Read below for the gun-enthusiasts guide on how to build a gun rack for a wall.

Custom Gun Rack

How To Build a Gun Rack for Your Walls

Part of owning a gun is knowing how to store it correctly. After all, a poorly maintained firearm could become damaged or injure someone unintentionally. A DIY gun rack lets you safely store your collection with easy visibility and access. Building it yourself is also an easy way to create the best display gun rack for your collection. 

Vertical rifle racks take up less space than horizontal gun racks. This layout is especially beneficial if you are tight on space in your home or garage. For inspiration, check out this Sheriff’s Wooden Gun Rack or the  Single Horseshoe Gun Rack wall mount. 

You can make this no-brainer rack in 30 minutes for $20.

Step 1. Find a Design That Fits Your Needs

Check out these gun rack ideas and find a design suitable for your lifestyle and collection.

Step 2. Measure the Wall and Desired Rack Size

Depending on the wall layout, doors, windows, and electrical, it’s beneficial to build and plan the design for your gun wall to achieve the desired results. 

Step 3. Decide on Which Firearms You Want on Your Rack and Measure Them

Vertical Gun Rack with Spartan Mounts

Are you building a handgun mountor a shotgun mount? Decide the firearm type to determine the dimensions. For example, when storing rifles vertically, the length of the rifles will define the vertical space required. Repeat the steps for a horizontal gun rack.

Step 4. Invest in High-Quality Mounts and Materials

There are several quality options on the market. Choosing the best mount or rifle rack for your collection depends on your personal preference, rifle setup, or what you’re hoping to shoot. Consider the Spartan Mounts collection of installation kits that include drywall anchors, drill bits, magnets, and more for strong and safe mounting. 

Step 5. Create a Blueprint and Plan How Your Firearms Will Fit

Reference this how to make a homemade gun rack guide to create a blueprint on how your firearms will fit. As a general rule of thumb, the rack needs to be tall enough to hold the entire length of the gun, with a few extra inches of clearance. It should also be as wide as the gun.

Pistol gun rack

Tips To Remember for a Safe and Secure Wall Gun Rack

Implementing standard safety protocols when embarking on any DIY project is vital. If you rely on firearms for home defense, keep at least one in an accessible location but still secure. Now that you know how to make a vertical gun rack, here are some gun safety tips. 

  • Invest in high-quality mounts and materials for the best gun rack
  • Make sure your guns are mounted securely and locked safely
  • Make sure the gun is unloaded
  • Ensure there are no barrel obstructions like dirt, wads, shells, etc
  • Keep the barrel pointed in a safe direction
  • Ammunition should be stored in a dry place, in a separate location from the firearms
  • Never mount a gun within reach of a minor
  • Never mount your firearm so a person can walk in front of the barrel.


Frequently Asked Questions About Gun Racks

Do you still have questions about how to build a gun rack for your wall? Check out these questions and their answers for more guidance. 

Are Gun Racks on Walls Legal in All States?

Yes. However, several states in the US require secure firearm storage such as trigger or cable locks installed. There is no requirement for the safe storage of firearms under current federal law.

Gun ownership comes with responsibility. Follow local, state, and federal gun laws. You must still use extreme care when handling guns if you own or sell them.

Where Is the Best Place To Store Guns?

The best place to store your gun collection depends on the location, the type of gun, living situation, etc. A gun room is the best option for those with a gun collection that can’t fit in a safe. If this is not possible, then it is best to store them in a room where children are likely not present which gives you the advantage in the event of a crisis.

If the first floor of your home is above the basement, find a safe and secure location away from the kitchen and other sources of fires. 


Are You Ready To Build a Gun Rack?

Building a wall rack is an easy DIY solution to display your firearms. It allows you to safely store your guns to keep them visible and easily accessible. After all, you spent hundreds (maybe even thousands) of dollars on your collection and accessories. Why not protect (or show off) your investment?

Once you have determined your gun rack plans for storage, proper gun storage practices are essential to protecting your firearms from long-term damage. 

Whether you are looking to organize or build your gun room with a new wall rack, Spartan Mounts has over 400 custom solutions to choose from, from pistol racks to vertical mounts. Check out some of the best-selling gun mounts. Please note that all Spartan Mounts are designed for display loads and not made for vehicles.