How To Make a Homemade Wall Mounted Gun Rack: Expert Guide

November 21, 2022 10 min read

Large gun rack made of spartan mounts

Instead of spending hours searching online for the perfect lockable gun rack, or thousands of dollars on a long gun rack from a store, why not build one yourself?


In fact, making your ownDIY gun rack is quicker and easier than you think. You can use parts and tools from Spartan Mounts horizontal gun racks to build your own gun storage solution in no time — and save a few hundred dollars in the process. Part of being a responsible gun owner is to think through the best, safe storage solution for your firearm storage.


Let’s check out the main tools and items you need to get started with your customized gun storage idea.



Choosing the Right Tools and Materials

Thorough preparation is the cornerstone of any successful DIY project, especially when it involves creating a gun rack. Gathering the necessary tools and materials for your DIY gun rack might seem daunting, but the process is straightforward and can be accomplished with ease.


Selecting the right tools and materials is crucial when building a gun rack, as they directly influence the durability and functionality of the finished product. This guide will help you identify what you need, ensuring that both novice and experienced DIY enthusiasts have a comprehensive list of essentials.


The tools and materials required for your gun rack may vary based on the design you choose, which can range from simple to intricate. Factors such as the type of wood, the complexity of the design, and additional accessories like locks or decorative elements will affect your choices.


Here are the basic tools and materials you’ll need to get started on your homemade gun rack:

  • 1x6 Wood Boards: These serve as the primary structural components of your gun rack, providing the frame and shelves.
  • Wood Cabinet Knobs: Useful for creating hanging points or decorative handles on cabinet-style gun racks.
  • Antique Brass Cabinet Hinges: Ideal for adding a vintage look and functionality to any gun rack doors.
  • Wood Glue: Ensures a strong bond between wooden components without the need for visible fasteners.
  • Stainable Wood Filler: Used to fill in gaps or imperfections in the wood before finishing.
  • Early American Stain: This specific stain gives the wood a rich, deep color, enhancing the overall aesthetic of your gun rack.
  • Kreg Jig Screws: These are strong and reliable for creating pocket hole joints that are both sturdy and neat.
  • Mounting Brackets: Essential for securely attaching your gun rack to the wall, ensuring it can support the weight of the firearms.
  • Jig Saw: Allows for precise cuts and curves in the wood, offering customization of the rack’s shape and design.
  • Drill and Countersink Bit: Necessary for pre-drilling holes to accommodate screws, preventing wood splitting.
  • Orbital Sander: Helps smooth out all wood surfaces to prepare for staining or painting, ensuring a professional finish.
  • Leather or Felt: These materials can be used to line the surfaces where guns rest to prevent scratching and enhance the look of the rack.

Each of these materials and tools plays a vital role in ensuring the durability, functionality, and appearance of your DIY gun rack, accommodating a range of styles from rustic to modern.

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How To Make a Wall-Mounted Homemade Gun Rack

Building a wall-mounted homemade gun rack is a rewarding project that allows you to customize storage for your firearms while adding a personal touch to your space. This section will guide you through each step, from planning to execution, ensuring you create a sturdy and stylish gun rack that meets your needs.

Step 1. Choose a Design for your Gun Display 

View gun rack ideas online and see which type and size will fit your space’s needs. Do you want to put your gun rack inside a small interior room, or do you have ample exterior space (i.e., garage or shed) to mount your guns? Alternatively, mounts and racks can easily be added to gun cabinets if you have a small area to fill.

Step 2. Measure the Area for your DIY Gun Rack 

Use a tape measure to see where you can mount your gun rack. Using a level can also help ensure that the gun rack is straight on the wall. This ensures you aren’t buying 24-inch boards if you only have room for 18 inches of display.

Step 3. Select the Firearms for Display on your Wall Mount

You may not want to put all of your firearms in the gun rack. In some cases, it is helpful to keep a small firearm (like a pistol) in a safe and easy-to-reach location for security purposes. In this case, go through your gun collection and decide which ones you wish to mount on the rack.

Step 4. Get the Right Mounts for your Gun Collection 

Every firearm may need a specific mount to be stored securely and safely. View the different mounts online fromSpartan Mounts and begin building your unique idea. We have over 500 different locking wall mount gun racks.

Step 5. Check the Size and Fit for your Firearms 

The next step is to measure your firearms to see if they fit the rack size. Take the measurements from your wall space, gun rack measurements, and your gun measurements to find the best spacing for your desired set-up.

One helpful tip is to lay everything out on your floor, marking the wall size with blue masking tape so you can get each mount location perfect for your rack.

Step 6. Draw A Blueprint for your Custom Gun Rack

Since your rack will be customized to fit your unique gun and space needs, drawing a blueprint can help you visualize the spacing of your gun collection before putting any holes in the wall. This doesn't have to be complicated, but even jotting down a few critical dimensions can help make the installation go smoothly.

Step 7. Gather your Tools and Materials

Use our guide above to find the materials from Spartan Mounts and tools required to build the rack, like a hammer, screwdriver, tape measure, and other DIY tools. We offer a video tutorial and step-by-step tutorial to ensure you can succeed.

Step 8. Use the Appropriate Tools to Cut Your Materials

After choosing the type of material you wish to use for your gun rack, use the tape measure to measure the material size. Next, use a cutting tool, which may differ depending on your chosen material.

Step 9. Account for the Drying Time of your Adhesives

If you are using glue or adhesives, it’s important to consider the drying time, which is typically 15 minutes for acrylic adhesives or 24 hours for other adhesives to reach maximum strength.

Step 10. Assemble the Gun Rack and Place the Mounts on your Wall

One of the last steps is to assemble the rack, place the mounts, and follow theinstallation directions step-by-step.

I began to assemble the rack by putting a small amount of wood glue in the joints. Then driving in the pocket hole screws. I didn't put the doors on yet to make staining easier. Also I decided to put my airguns up on it to test the fit.

Step 11. Add a Finishing Touch of Paint

Add paint, shellac, or acrylic to finish the look of your gun rack.

Step 12. Allow the Gun Rack to Dry

Paint typically takes 1-2 hours to dry after a coat, whereas primer takes 30 minutes to dry.

Step 13. Finally Mount and Secure your Gun Collection

Figure out the order in which you want to place your firearms and display them in your gun rack.


Guidelines to Keep in Mind for Proper Gun Storage 

Proper gun storage is crucial not only for safety but also for maintaining your firearms in good condition. When designing your homemade gun rack, it’s essential to ensure that it supports secure storage practices while keeping your guns easily accessible when needed.


Firearms should be placed in a manner that prevents them from being a hazard. Always ensure that the gun is unloaded before it is mounted, and the barrel should never be pointed in a direction where it could cause harm if discharged.


Regularly inspect your gun rack to verify its stability and the security of its mounts. A wobbly gun rack can lead to accidents, so it’s important to ensure that all fittings and anchors are tightly secured and capable of bearing the weight of the stored firearms.


Ammunition should be stored separately from firearms, ideally in a locked container that is dry and away from potential fire hazards. This reduces the risk of accidental discharge and makes it more difficult for unauthorized users to access and use the ammunition.


Finally, consider the accessibility of your gun rack, especially if you rely on firearms for home defense. Ensure that any security measures, like locks or biometric safes, allow for quick access to authorized users while effectively preventing access by minors or unauthorized individuals.


4 DIY Wall-Mounted Gun Rack Designs for Inspiration

Gun collectors have increasingly turned to crafting their own wall-mounted gun racks, tailoring designs to suit their personal style and the specific functionality they need. This surge in DIY enthusiasm allows for a wide range of creative and efficient storage solutions that highlight and secure their valuable collections.

For those looking to embark on building their own gun rack, there is a wealth of inspiration and detailed plans available online. By exploring these resources, DIY enthusiasts can find designs that not only meet their storage needs but also complement the aesthetics of their space, making each gun rack uniquely their own.

Red Oak Gun Rack

A Red Oak Gun Rack not only offers a sturdy and classic look but also enhances the decor of any room, making it a popular choice for those seeking both style and functionality in their DIY projects. Constructed from high-quality red oak, this type of gun rack provides a rich color and grain that can be finished to a high gloss or left more natural depending on personal preference.


When building a red oak gun rack, start by accurately measuring and cutting the wood to ensure all pieces fit perfectly. Include a bottom shelf for storing ammunition or cleaning supplies, and space the gun hooks evenly to accommodate different sizes and types of firearms securely.

Cost-Effective Wall Mounted Gun Rack

Creating a cost-effective wall-mounted gun rack is an affordable way to securely display and store firearms, swords, and other items. By using basic tools like a jig saw, drill, screws, and wood stain, you can craft a durable and functional rack tailored to your specific storage needs.


This DIY project allows for extensive customization to efficiently utilize wall space and ensure easy access to each stored item. Incorporate protective materials such as felt or leather to safeguard your weapons against scratches, enhancing both the utility and aesthetics of your gun rack.

Rustic Gun Wall Mount

Create a distinctive rustic gun wall mount using reclaimed barn wood and a horseshoe, ideal for adding a country charm to your firearm display. This DIY project is perfect for utilizing extra wood and transforming it into a functional piece that securely showcases your gun.


The process involves precisely measuring and cutting the wood to ensure the gun's stock and barrel fit properly. Additional cushioning is added inside the horseshoe to protect the firearm and maintain its position. Mounting the horseshoe to the wood ensures it lays flat against the wall, resulting in a stable and aesthetically pleasing display that highlights the rustic theme.

Vertical Wall Mount Gun Rack

The vertical DIY gun wall mount rack employs a unique design that combines the stability of a French cleat mounting system with the sleek appearance of floating shelves. This approach not only enhances the visual appeal of the display but also ensures that firearms are securely held in place.


This rack design is especially suited for efficiently utilizing wall space, allowing for the orderly and compact arrangement of multiple firearms. The integration of the French cleat system provides robust support, making it an ideal choice for gun owners looking for a reliable and attractive storage solution.


Personalize Your Homemade Gun Rack with Spartan Mounts! 

This guide has equipped you with the knowledge and steps to create your own wall-mounted gun rack, offering a range of design options from rustic to modern. By understanding the importance of proper tools, materials, and safety guidelines, you can ensure your firearms are displayed securely and accessibly, enhancing the functionality and aesthetics of your space.

For those seeking high-quality gun mounts, Spartan Mounts is an excellent choice, known for their reliability and wide array of options. Their best-selling gun mounts are trusted by gun owners for their robust construction and stylish designs, making Spartan Mounts an ideal partner in your journey to build the perfect gun storage solution.


Frequently Asked Questions About Wall Mount Homemade Gun Rack

Navigating the nuances of building and maintaining a gun rack can raise several questions. Below, we've compiled answers to some of the most common inquiries to help clarify your doubts and enhance your DIY project.

How wide should a horizontal gun rack be?

If you are looking to build a gun rack, you need to know the dimensions. For a 6-capacity rack, it should be at least 36 ¾ inches wide and 17 inches deep.

Are DIY gun racks better than commercial gun racks?

A DIY gun rack is customizable and personalized to a specific collection, meaning it can better fit your unique needs than commercial gun racks. Building a DIY rifle rack can also help meet your requirements better than a commercial rack.

What is the spacing for a gun rack?

When planning the spacing for a gun rack, consider that typically 12 vertical rifles can fit within each 36 inches of linear wall space. For horizontal displays, you can store approximately 4 rifles per square yard, but always take into account the length of the rifles, as this will dictate the necessary vertical spacing to ensure each firearm fits securely and is easily accessible.

What is the best wood for a gun rack?

Hard maple is an excellent choice for gun racks due to its durability and strength, making it ideal for securely holding firearms. Its naturally light color allows for versatile staining options, ranging from a natural whitish hue to a darker finish, accommodating various aesthetic preferences.

What is the difference between vertical and horizontal gun racks?

Vertical gun racks are preferred for maximizing space usage, as they allow for a more efficient use of wall area compared to horizontal racks. Additionally, vertical racks tend to enhance firearm security and stability, reducing the risk of guns falling over and sustaining damage.