5 Best Display Gun Racks (Top Choices for 2022)

November 21, 2022 6 min read

Whether you are a collector of firearms or just enjoy shooting for sport, having a good gun rack is an important part of firearm ownership. These racks keep your guns organized and easily accessible. They also protect your firearms from potential damage.

This post will look at some of the best display gun racks on the market today. We’ll discuss various types of affordable wall gun racks and highlight the unique benefits of each.

If you’re looking for a way to organize and protect your firearms, read on!

Best Display Gun Racks at a Glance: Our Top 3 Picks

Savior Equipment Indoor Gun Rack - Best Seller

This vertical gun rack allows storage of up to six guns and can hold both traditional and modern rifles.

If this gun rack intrigues you, click here to check the price.

Rush Creek Creations American Flag Wall Storage Display Rack - Top Rated

This wooden horizontal gun rack holds up to four guns, including shotguns.

If you are looking for a gun holder that shows you patriotism click this link to check the price.

Hold Up Displays 12 Gun Rack - Best Overall

This attractive wall display holds the highest volume of the three at up to 12 guns vertically.

This gun rack is best for people with a large collection of firearms. Check the price.

How To Choose Gun Display Racks

With so many different types and styles of gun racks on the market, it can be tough to know which one is right for you. Here's a quick guide to help you choose the right gun rack to suit your needs.


The material is one of the first things you'll want to consider when choosing a gun rack. Gun wall racks are typically made of either plastic, wood, or metal. Each has its advantages and disadvantages.


If you're looking for a high-quality gun rack that will last many years, prepare to pay more upfront. Higher-quality rifle racks generally consist of thicker materials and will have a sturdier construction.

They will likely also include additional features like padding or locking mechanisms that further increase their security and durability.


There are dozens of brands of gun racks on the market. Some are better than others in terms of quality and durability. Research online to read other gun owners' reviews before making your purchase. It would help if you also looked for a brand that offers a warranty in case something goes wrong with the rack.

Our team has thoroughly researched and evaluated numerous gun wall racks to create a list of the most amazing indoor rifle racks. We only evaluated the top-selling gun racks on the market, with costs ranging from $14 to $165.

After our analysis, we picked Savior Equipment Indoor Gun Rack as our top overall choice.

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Best Display Gun Rack for Your Firearm Collection

Like most gun enthusiasts, you likely take pride in your firearms collection. But what's the best way to show it off? There are many options on the market, but not all gun display racks are created equal. 

Our team researches, reviews, and recommends the best products based on extensive data analysis. Here are the results.

Savior Equipment Indoor Gun Rack

Vertical Gun Rack

The Savior Equipment Wall-Mount Rifle Rack is a heavy-duty steel rack that can hold up to 150 lbs, making it perfect for even the most extensive gun collection.

With six storage slots, you can store all your favorite firearms, including modern rifles, in one place. Plus, the wall-mount design means your guns will be out of the reach of curious children or unwanted guests.


  • Handles up to six rifles
  • 100% powder-coated steel
  • 16" mounting hole distance 
  • 2.8" x 6.5" barrel support
  • 2.25" x 3" stock support
  • Mounting plate for each side (3.5" x 2.25")
  • Frame thickness of 0.75."
  • Rubber encased prongs to protect from scratches

Check Price Here

Rush Creek Creations American Flag Wall Storage Display Rack

Horizontal American Flag Gun Rack

There's no better way to show patriotism than to proudly display your firearms collection. You can do just that with the Rush Creek Creations American Flag Wall Storage Display Rack.

This handcrafted rack is made of solid wood with a distressed finish, giving it a rustic, patriotic look. It holds up to four rifles or shotguns and has a storage compartment in the base for ammo and other accessories.


  • Barn wood laminate for durability
  • Storage compartment with magnetic latch
  • Secure grooves with padded gun rest to hold guns and prevent scratching
  • Hidden fastening system
  • The attractive distressed American flag gives a patriotic appearance
  • Measures 26.3" L x 5" W x 21.4" H

Check Price Here

BenchMaster Vertical Pistol Rack

Vertical Pistol Gun Rack

If you're looking for a safe way to store your handguns, the BenchMaster Vertical Pistol Rack is a great option. This rack features high-density foam so it's lightweight and sturdy. This foam also prevents your guns from incurring any damage.

The company stands behind its product with a lifetime warranty. If you're looking for a safe, secure way to store your handguns, the BenchMaster Vertical Pistol Rack is the way to go.


  • Fits pistols of all calibers with or without a magazine.
  • Vertical magazine storage. 
  • Made from high-density foam to prevent scratches.
  • Semi-rigid Kydex dividers that are oil and water-resistant.
  • High-density magnetic and Velcro strips for easy truck mounting, metallic walls, and carpet-lined gun safes.

Check Price Here

Hold Up Displays 12 Gun Rack

Vertical Rifle Rack

Looking for a modern and stylish way to display your firearms? Check out the Hold-Up Displays 12 Gun Rack.

This gun rack is black steel and can hold up to 12 rifles. It's perfect for gun store owners or collectors who want to show off their firearms in an engaging and stylish way. 


  • Vertical storage for up to 12 guns.
  • The half-hexagon shape is eye-catching and allows you to easily see all of the rifles on display.
  • Thick rubber padding that protects your firearms from scratches or marring. 
  • Hand welded steel with black finish.

Check Price Here

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Savior Equipment Horizontal Steel Wall Mount Firearm Rifle Display Rack

Horizontal Gun Rack

This attractive rack is composed of durable steel that you can mount on any wall in your home. It has ten mounting hooks to easily hang any firearm, from rifles and shotguns to carbines and even swords.

The sleek black finish will complement any home décor—and best of all, it's a great way to show off your gun collection to your friends.


  • Holds firearms, bows, and arrows
  • Horizontal rack with ten adjustable mounting brackets 
  • Adjustable, rubber-encased to prevent scratches
  • Strong to hold 100 pounds

Check Price Here

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FAQs About Gun Racks

Here are four of the most frequently asked questions about gun racks.

Is it illegal to mount vehicle gun racks in the rear window of a truck to hold a rifle or shotgun? 

No, gun racks that mount in the rear window of a truck are not currently illegal. However, some states have passed laws restricting the position of gun rack placement in vehicles.

To be safe, check your local laws before mounting a gun rack in your truck.

Is it still legal to mount gun tracks on trucks in many states?

Yes, gun racks in trucks are still legal in many states. Check your local laws before mounting vehicle gun racks in your truck.

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Where can I buy high-quality gun racks?

There are several different places where you can buy high-quality gun racks. Many sporting goods stores and online retailers sell gun racks. When shopping for a gun rack, look for one made of high-quality materials designed to last.

You also have the option of learning how to build a gun rack out of individual mounts. Building a DIY gunrack may be your best bet for a custom solution.

Are 3D-printed gun racks any good?

3D-printed gun racks can be as good as traditional ones if they contain high-quality materials, and can also be more cost effective depending on how many firearms you are looking to mount.  The best part about 3d printed gun racks is that it lets you customize your own DIY gun rack.

If you are looking to make a homemade gun rack, check out the links below!

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Which Gun Rack Will You Buy?

There you have it! Five of the best display gun racks on the market today. We hope that this article has helped your decision regarding which one will work best for your collection. 

Remember to consider all the factors we've discussed when making your choice, and be sure to read the reviews from other buyers before making your purchase.

You can also click here to check our best-selling gun racks.

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