How to Make a DIY Horizontal Gun Rack

November 21, 2022 5 min read

Horizontal Gun Rack

Whether you own a small collection or a vast armory full of guns, proper storage is essential. You must account for safety, accessibility, and maybe even an urge to show off your weapons. A big, robust gun safe can cost thousands of dollars. As a result, it might make more sense to consider a DIY horizontal gun rack first. 

With a simple DIY gun rack, you can achieve everything you want for your collection. Mount your weapons safely, in an accessible fashion, and with a little flare for your friends who might see your impressive collection.

A horizontal gun rack is better than a dark, cramped safe in many ways. You can make one yourself with hand tools and some simple materials. You might even already have the required tools in your garage or workshop. 

Building a rack is pretty easy, but that's not the only benefit of a DIY horizontal rack for guns. 


Why a Horizontal Gun Rack?

Part of owning guns is knowing how to store them. 

A horizontal gun rack is an excellent way to keep your guns accessible, neat, and on display. 

Secured Guns

Mounting a firearm on the wall with a gun rack might not seem secure, especially compared to a massive bank-style vault or floor safe. But, with trigger locks, mount locks, and locked doors, you can keep guns on a horizontal rack safe from crooks, kids, and anyone who shouldn't have access to them. 

Each year in the U.S., 6,000 kids get wounded by guns. All firearm owners need to do their part to secure their weapons. A horizontal gun rack is a good first step. 

Easy Access

One of the most significant disadvantages to a gun safe is that it can be a pain to access in an emergency. Each year, hundreds of thousands of Americans are victims of robbery. 

The last thing you want to do with an intruder in your home is struggle with a complicated code or encounter a dead battery in your electronic safe's lock. Gun safes are often tight, dark spaces making it challenging to grab what you want without having to move other things out of the way. 

Alternatively, you can have your guns easily accessible with a horizontal gun rack. This way, guns are up on the wall, neatly organized, and easy to grab. 

Space Saver

Storing guns in their cases takes up a lot of room. So does a safe. If you don't want to sacrifice floor space or fill your entire closet with bulky items, a DIY horizontal gun rack is the way to go.

Affordable Gun Racks 

The best solution is often the simplest; commercial rifle mounts are ideal for many applications. But, if you want to save some money, you can also consider building your own affordable gun racks. 


How To Build a Horizontal Gun Rack

The easiest way to mount guns horizontally is with a strong and safe Spartan Mount. If you're handy and have some DIY skills, you can make a gun rack quickly and easily. Here are the steps to follow to create your own rack.

Step 1. Choose a Design

There are a lot of gun rack plans to choose from. The simplest ones amount to little more than pegs on the wall in the shape of your gun. Others might be a shelf mounted on a rack. But, for the most attractive options for designing a DIY gun wall rack system, you need a jigsaw, a few pieces of wood, and mounting hardware. 

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Step 2. Gather Materials

Whatever rack you choose for your guns, your project starts with collecting all the proper materials. Most racks that mount on the wall will require you to find a stud, so make sure you have the appropriate equipment. 

The easiest way to accomplish horizontally mounting your guns is with a rifle, shotgun, or pistol mount. Custom options match certain popular weapons, like the AR-15 or handguns. You can get very organized by utilizing a mount for your magazines and ammunition
If you go the DIY route, remember you'll need something to grip the gun, something to hold it to the wall, and a way to keep the weapon secure. The possibilities are endless. It's up to you. Just make sure you comply with your local gun laws

Your list of supplies is likely to look like this:

  • Jigsaw or scroll-saw
  • Mounting wood
  • Stud finder
  • Screws for fastening the mount to the wall
  • Finished wood 
  • Trigger or cabinet lock

Step 3. Ensure Safety

When storing firearms, safety first. So, you must ensure that criminals and kids can't get their hands on your guns. If you don't have kids in your home, you might be able to use a locked door to keep your firearms safe. 

But, if you might have curious visitors or worry about a criminal entering your home, you'll want to keep your weapons safe by installing a cabinet or fastening the guns to your mount with a locking system. 

Step 4. Mount Your Gun

The most straightforward gun mount is a plank of wood mounted to the wall with a hook at each end for your gun to rest upon. Whatever option you choose, ensure your gun sits securely and won't fall off if someone slams a nearby door or casually bumps into it. 


FAQs About Horizontal Gun Racks

Questions about gun mounts are common as there are almost 400 million privately owned guns in the USA. 

Are my guns safe in horizontal racks?

Yes, if your guns are secured, they will remain safe in a horizontal rack. But, if your home has frequent visitors or children, you might consider a more secure storage method. Safes are not always convenient, but they're one of the most secure options. 

What are the best horizontal gun mounts?

The best horizontal gun mounts come from reputable companies that stand by their products and offer many mounts to choose from, with unique choices for each weapon in your collection.

Which is better: Horizontal or vertical gun rack?

The deciding factor comes down to personal preference. Vertical racks tend to take up less width on the wall, while a horizontal rack takes up more space side-to-side but less vertically. 

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Ready To Lock and Load With a Gun Rack?

If you have a question about saving floor space and mounting your gun, the easiest answer is to buy gun mounts online. There are DIY options to consider, but they will likely cost you more in time and money and might not have the same fit and finish as commercial options.