5 Extremely Easy DIY Gun Magazine Storage Ideas

September 12, 2022 6 min read

Keeping a home tidy is a full-time job. When you struggle to put things away properly, it’s often due to a lack of proper storage. Balancing neat storage, easy access and safety with showing off their collection can be a struggle for gun owners. 

Organizing your ammo closet and collection of pistol magazines can be fun, but it’s a hassle without a gun magazine organizer. Since every firearm collection is unique, take advantage of these DIY gun magazine storage solutions to bring order to the chaos without breaking the bank! Any gun enthusiast can safely and efficiently create a magazine storage system with some inspiration.

 Magazine Organized Gun Safe Door

What to Consider Before Creating a DIY Gun Magazine Storage

Proper firearm storage is essential for safety, but there are other factors to consider and be mindful of when creating DIY storage for guns and gun magazines. Here are some thoughts to keep in the back of your head. 

Safety or Aesthetics

Since each household is different, and firearm storage laws vary considerably by location, each gun owner must determine how to store their firearms safely. Similarly, any DIY gun magazine storage should be part of your safety strategy.

While many gun owners enjoy displaying parts of their collections, having a loaded gun on a shelf or hanging on the wall is a recipe for disaster. Consider that an unsecured gun is an attractive target for thieves. Plus, they’ll tempt even the most well-behaved child to get their hands on the weapon. 

For most owners, any display featuring guns or their magazines should only include empty magazines or be behind a locked door. Alternatively, you could utilize blank or dummy rounds to replicate full magazines before displaying your collection. Or, you could try finding gun storage solutions, magazine mounts, or other inaccessible gun display methods. 

Security and Durability

Whether you’re storing guns and ammo for self-defense, display aesthetics, or just in case of the apocalypse, you need a secure and durable system for magazine storage. Proper locking mechanisms and storage systems featuring durable materials are essential. 

Design and Display Ideas

If you’re keen to display your collection of gun magazines, consider that you might be able to balance that desire with safety. With a gun storage solutions magazine mount, your collection of magazines can be part of an attractive design, displaying all the features you want to show off without compromising safety. 

Consider a few simple strategies:

5 DIY Gun Magazine Storage Ideas You Can Build Today

Gun Magazine Storage

With a bit of inspiration and some DIY skills, you can make your custom solution for your gun magazine holder needs. And you can probably do so with readily available materials like wood, metal sheets, simple fasteners, and other items you probably have lying around your home or workshop. 

Consider Investing in Spartan Mounts

You may be currently using a magazine pouch or other basic mag storage solutions. These work ok, but if you are looking for the best pistol mag holders, AR-15 mag holders, or slots for your metal magazines, investing in custom magazine mounts for your gun's magazines can make a huge difference to your shelf space. Spartan mounts hold most magazines by their base plate, and have a multi mag space-saving design. It is a better experience for your safe organization and gun accessories than the standard velcro pouches. You can even qualify for free shipping with bulk orders.

Power Tool Style Wall Rack

You may have seen some pretty nifty DIY power tool storage racks online. If you can handle building one of these simple devices, you can adapt the idea to your gun storage solutions magazine mount needs. 

Start with a few pieces of wood. You don’t need anything fancier than plywood and some pieces of assorted 1 x 4 and 1x2 pine. But, you could use walnut, mahogany, or oak for better aesthetics. 

First, you’ll want to fashion the back and sides using larger pieces of wood. If you’d like, you can use a jig saw to cut a custom profile in the side pieces. Then, fashion two shelves spanning the sides, affixing them with screws. You can make the shelves as far apart as you need to, accommodating magazines or other firearm accessories as needed. 

Then, attach vertical wood sections to the bottom shelf by running screws down through the shelf. For the bottom piece, you can use your jig saw to cut out a custom-sized opening where you can hang bulkier items, just like how you would hang your power tools. Or, if you want, you can use individual pieces of wood and screw them all the vertical boards. 

Each of the shelves and bottom compartments can be of any size you want, creating mounts and storage areas for various gun magazine sizes. Now, simply mount your new gun magazine organizer on the wall of your room or gun closet. 

Just make sure that when you’re done, you have some design feature in mind that will secure your arsenal. Depending on how much security you need, you might consider:

  • A tempered glass surround for your safe magazine storage unit
  • A locking door on the shelves
  • Securing the entire thing in an ammo room or closet
  • Locking boxes for handgun magazines

Plastic Bins: Simple and Neat

You can easily use a collection of plastic bins to store your magazines and various firearm accessories. Using hard plastic boxes for handgun magazines is very practical. Use larger boxes and bins for standard capacity rifle magazines and other accessories. Then label them neatly and consider how to keep them safe and secure. 

Use Magnets: Cheap Magazine Storage

If your magazines are made from steel, you can use magnets to hold them in place. Sure, there are expensive ready-made mag storage systems, but you can buy disc magnets that are plenty strong for very little money. 

To build a magnetic gun magazine storage unit, take a piece of wood, and drill holes in it that fit the size of your magnets. Then, lay a piece of thin plastic or tape over the bottom. Glue, screw, or nail that new magnetic organizer to the bottom of an existing shelf. Or, affix it to the wall next to your gun locker. 

Now, simply stick your magazines to the magnets. 

Repurpose Ammo Boxes: Recycle! 

You can easily convert metal ammo boxes into rifle or handgun magazine storage. Recycle the containers that once held your bulk ammo orders and save yourself some money. 

While you could stand the mags up inside the box, consider getting a piece of rigid foam to make things look a little nicer. First, cut the foam to size so it fits in the ammo box. Make sure to use a fairly thick piece. Then, trace the shape of your magazines into the foam.

Then, use a Dremel or sharp knife to cut halfway through the foam. Now, you can insert your magazines. You can customize this solution to all of your storage needs. Just make sure you keep safety in mind by securing the cans in a vault, locker, or ammo closet. 


DIY Magazine Holders FAQ

Let’s answer some common questions about gun storage solutions and magazine mount ideas.

How do you make a homemade magazine holder?

The best way to make a homemade gun magazine storage is with safety and security in mind. Depending on your needs there are many options available.

How do you store magazines?

Storing magazines is easy with simple gun storage solutions and magazine mount equipment from Spartan Mounts. Or, you can go the DIY route.  

Can you store magazines loaded?

Yes. But, you have to consider safety and security first. You might also consider that some gun enthusiasts believe leaving a magazine fully-loaded will wear out the spring inside, potentially affecting its reliability. 

How do you make a simple magazine rack?

There are simple plans online for inspiration, and you can also repurpose other racks like those for shoes, tools, or craft materials. 

How do you build a magazine wall rack?

The easiest way to build a magazine wall rack is to use the Spartan Mounts line of magazine holders to make storage easy and effective. Or, you can build a simple set of shelves customized to suit your various weapons and mags.


Want Easy-To-Assemble Gun Magazine Holders?

If you’re short on time to create a DIY solution for firearm storage and your collection of magazines, don’t worry. You could try a few ideas on your own, but the folks at Spartan Mounts know what you need. Their line of products is not only an affordable solution for all types of storage, but they look amazing. You can order the gun magazine holder you need for your collection in minutes. Get shopping!