17 DIY Gun Rack Plans for Your Firearm Collection

September 15, 2022 5 min read

Gun racks are essential for any collection. And while you can purchase premade gun racks, they might not have certain qualities you need. DIY projects are perfect for your guns and gun racks since they let you build what you need for your home and collection. Here is everything that you need to know to build your gun rack.

Gun Rack Storage Safe 

3 Reasons to DIY Your Gun Rack

Gun racks are essential for many reasons, but why should you DIY your gun rack?

Customize the look based on your needs

The biggest fault that pre-made gun racks have is that they do not perfectly suit your needs. You are the only person who knows what you need and how you want to display your collection, making DIYing your rack ideal. 

Make use of spare materials you already have

If you are one to work on projects around your house, you will most likely have a ready supply of the materials you need to build a gun rack.


Pre-made gun racks can get pricey depending on what features you need. When you build your gun rack, you cut down on labor costs and the cost of the materials you need.


17 Gun Rack Plans You Can Reference From

If you’re looking for how to make a homemade gun rack, there are a whole lot of gun rack plans that exist on the internet. These are some of the most affordable and versatile rack plans for how to build a gun rack.

1. Dave’s Homestead DIY Rifle Rack for $20

Gun Rack 1

[Watch the video]

This affordable vertical gun rack plan is large enough for six rifles. Dave provides a good video and a written description of how to build it.

2. Mick Gyver’s Pistol Rack

DIY Pistol Gun Rack

[Watch the video]

This plan is a simple and effective way to store your pistol collection. It may not be the prettiest gun rack, but its compact size lets you mount it anywhere you need.

3. Phobos’s Reclaimed Horizontal Rack

DIY Pallet wood gun rack

[See the instructions]

This simple and affordable plan uses repurposed wood to make an attractive horizontal gun rack display.

4. John’s Custom Truck Gun Rack

Custom Truck Gun Rack

[Watch the video]

This plan is an easy fix for finding a gun rack to fit your truck. With a couple of easily installed mounts, you can bring any firearm you need to a hunting trip.

5. Forrester’s Easy Gun Cabinet

Custom Gun Cabinet

[See the instructions]

This plan gives you detailed instructions and materials for an entire setup for your guns and ammo. This is also a great start if you want to make more intricate gun cabinets.

6. Bill Pounds’s Field DIY Rifle Rack

Folding Rifle Rack

[See the instructions]

This plan makes a portable gun stand for gun owners. And for easy storage, the stand folds up to the size of a suitcase while you are on the move.

7. Wayne’s Woodworking Plan

Custom Horizontal Gun Rack

[See the instructions]

Woodworking artisans will appreciate this other big project. This plan makes a straightforward gun rack perfect for displaying your rifles.

8. Secret Compartment 

Hidden Gun Cabinet Build

[See the instructions]

For the experienced craftsman, this is a big but gratifying project for a concealed gun cabinet.

9. Custom Gun Rack for Your Closet

Vertical Gun Storage Rack

[See the instructions]

With this plan, you can make a custom-sized gun rack to fit any cabinet or closet in your home.

10. Simple Gun Rack and Storage

Circular gun rack 

[See the instructions]

Some gun owners need a gun rack right next to their coat rack, and this is the plan for that. This simple design is excellent for adding more gun storage space to your home.

11. Floating Shelf Gun Safe

Hidden Shotgun Shelf

[Watch the tutorial]

This simple plan allows quick and easy access to one of your rifles or shotguns. It is also an excellent place to display photos or hang your keys.

12. Simon’s DIY Gun Cabinet

Gun cabinet build

[Watch the tutorial]

In this video series, you will learn to build your gun cabinet. Once built, it can hold six guns in an excellent display.

13. Simple and Affordable Gun Rack

$15 Gun Rack Build

[Watch the tutorial]

For more of a simple plan, this is another idea to pull from. The tutorial is also suitable for providing detailed descriptions of the instructions and supplies you need.

14. Gun Locker 75’s Easy DIY Rifle Storage

DIY Pistol Display Rack

[Watch the tutorial]

This easy rack plan uses everyday materials to make a custom gun rack suited to your needs.

15. Workshop 1776 Concealed Gun Cabinet

American Flag Gun Rack

[Watch the tutorial]

This small project is easy and affordable and can conceal a few pistols.

16. Rod’s Free DIY Rifle Rack Plan

Gun and Sword Rack

[See the instructions]

This very detailed tutorial makes a nice and all-inclusive DIY gun rack and pistol display.

17. The Unknown Cat’s Simple Plan

Simple Vertical Rifle Rack

[Watch the tutorial]

This intuitive and affordable gun rack design is versatile enough to fit guns of all sizes.


Making A DIY Gun Rack: Tips and Tricks

Before you get started building your gun rack, here are some tips to consider before you get to work.

Determine what features you need

Probably the most essential thing to start with is to make sure you know what features you want your gun rack to have. This makes planning your project much easier and saves you time if you need to correct something down the line.

Choose a gun rack design that will fit in the spot you have set set aside.

Equally as important, you should know where you want to store your new gun rack. This can help you determine how big your gun rack needs to be and what features you want it to have.

Invest in high-quality materials

You want your guns stored on a rack that can last for years. Consider investing in high-quality materials if you need to buy your own. This increases your project’s chance of lasting long-term and not buckling when you go to mount your guns.

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FAQs About Gun Racks

Here are answers to some questions you might have.

Are gun racks safe?

Yes, gun racks are a safe storage option. Since your guns have ventilation, you won’t have to worry about your firearms’ functionality getting compromised.

Can I put a gun rack on my bike?

Yes, you can. You can take inspiration from pre-made gun racks for bicycles to tailor your DIY idea to your bike.

Are my guns safe in gun racks?

As with any gun display or storage, you should only store guns where you are comfortable with the risk. If you are concerned with other people gaining access to your guns, you can install a lock. With a DIY project, you can determine what kind of lock will give your guns the most security.

Should You DIY Your Gun Rack?

Building your gun rack will give you a sense of security that premade gun racks can’t. For an added sense of personalization, you can also buy mounts for your DIY gun racks from Spartan Mounts. Build your gun rack with top-qualitycustom mounts for the guns in your collection.