17 Easy Gun Rack Ideas to Safely Store Firearms

October 03, 2022 8 min read

Gun racks provide a way for you to store your firearms and long guns securely and safely. Owners can use a customized and personalized gun room to display their firearms while simultaneously protecting every person in their home.

It is difficult to find good-looking and safe commercial gun storage options. So, what do you do?

Fortunately, Spartan Mounts offers an affordable and personalized solution to gun and pistol racks. We provide products and materials that make it easy to build a DIY gun rack!


17 Gun Rack Ideas for Unique Gun Display and Storage

Horizontal gun racks are excellent for homeowners who want a safe place to keep their firearms, while also displaying your gun collection to visitors! This protection and security measure provides a low-cost alternative to functionally store and display guns and ammunition.

There are a few materials and tools homeowners need to keep in mind when making handgun mounts or shotgun mounts; these will be listed with each DIY project.

All of the best-selling gun racks are made from our products - check out why Spartan Mounts is the best choice when learning how to make a homemade gun rack

Simple Closet Gun Rack

Closet Gun Rack

simple closet gun rack is a quick and easy way to keep your rifles, guns, and firearms in a standing position. Outfitting an existing closet with quality gun racks may be the best option if you have a large collection. The vertical gun rack is a great way to keep your weapons standing barrel-up to save space. If you don't have a closet, you also have the option of following online cabinet plans, and adding mounts to the inside to create your storage area.

Gun owners can learn how to build a gun rack in a closet by using this simple closet gun rack idea. Owners attach their firearms to the mounts by slotting the receivers into the appropriate mounts.

Steel Frame Tempered Glass Gun Rack

This gun storage idea is a smart way to keep your rifles, bows, tools, or shotguns in a protective casing. The rack design includes hooks and a glass front to prevent someone from easily grabbing a firearm. Owners can remove the gun by accessing the firearm from the back of the rack, behind the glass. This style of DIY Rack does not have the same easy access as other options, but it does have increased security.

Picture Frame Secret Gun Safe

Hidden Photo Frame Gun Rack

This type of gun safe is great for those who want to use vertical gun storage on their walls to save floor space and showcase their firearm. Picture frames are one of the cool gun rack ideas that owners can use. 

The design of these gun safes uses a picture frame as a decoy. Gun owners put the firearm behind the glass and close the back. You also have the option of removing the photo, and using the frame to accent the firearm if you are gun enthusiast. Be sure to use the appropriate mounting bracket to hold the frame securely to the wall.

Tabletop Gun Rack Under Safety Glass

These horizontal racks are a great gun storage idea to avoid taking up extra floor space. To build the tabletop rack, you must configure a coffee table with the guns being held behind glass on top of the horizontal table space. 

Make this horizontal gun rack by removing the opaque wood or metal top and installing glass instead. They can access the guns from under the table top or by safely removing the glass with a tool.  You can add grid panels or even a wooden American flag as a backdrop for the firearms, and know that they are protected below the glass or polycarbonate.

Concealed Ceiling Pull-down Gun Rack

Drop Down Gun Wall

This overhead rack is smart for gun owners who don’t want to take up wall space. Ceiling storage is another good idea for owners who have limited square footage in their homes but want to use the total height of the area. The overhead rack design includes an automated lift to ensure the pull-down mechanism runs smoothly and does not get stuck. 

Owners can use the pull-down cord to open the case and can remove the guns from one of the hooks inside of the retractable pull-down rack. 

Rustic Gun Racks

Wooden Gun Rack

Rustic gun racks are great for hunting season and traditionalists. The design of a rustic gun rack is an old-school rack using simple mounts and wooden accents. 

Rustic gun racks are one of the easiest racks to build as they require a minimal number of tools. Hunting rifles look especially good on this type of rack

Pallet Gun Rack

This gun storage idea is suitable for a 3-rifle gun rack or rifle rack cabinet plan that includes multiple weapons. The design of a pallet gun rack uses reclaimed wood to store guns, ammunition, and other accessories. Because this wood is readily available, it makes for an easy project for a beginning DIY builder. 

Owners can make this rack by using slats of wood, pallets, and wood screws to put the boards together. Add bottom pieces and side pieces to frame the display. Add some Spartan Mounts for your guns and magazines, and you have a fully functional wooden display!

Corner Gun Rack

A corner gun rack is a functional gun rack that won't impede vertical or horizontal storage. The design of a corner gun rack includes metal or wood that fits the corner of two walls, offering vertical gun storage. 

Owners can make this rack by using two pieces of material, typically wood, to hold the barrel of a gun and the butt of a gun. Owners can easily remove the firearm by sliding it out of the semi-circle cut in the wood. 

Alternatively, you can use Vertical Spartan Mounts to mount your firearms.

Extra Storage Drawers

Gun owners can also use extra storage space in drawers for a low-key and efficient storage option rather than one of these gun wall rack ideas. These designs require extra wardrobe or bureau space. 

Owners can securely store their smaller weapons in their bureau or dresser drawers and take out the guns by opening the drawer. Because of the simplicity, this only requires basic tools and gives very convenient access to your defense weapon.

Antler Hooks

Gun owners can hang their firearms below antlers on hooks as a unique DIY gun rack idea in their hunting cabin. This design includes wooden boards as the background and antler hooks nailed into the wooden boards. 

These can be made by using 5-6 wooden boards horizontally mounted on the wall and nailing or screwing antler hooks into the middle of the boards. Owners can then remove the firearm from the Spartan Mount by lifting it off.

DIY Truck Gun Rack

Truck Gun Rack

Firearm owners can use a DIY truck gun rack to secure firearms while on the go. The design of this gun rack utilizes the empty trunk space in a car or truck. These racks can be built by installing a mount or securing mechanism on the underside of the trunk. 

Owners can use two mounts or securing mechanisms, like ties, to secure the firearm under the roof without it moving. They can then lift, unhook, or undo the ties to the underside of the roof when removing the firearm. 

Floor Racks 

Floor racks can be wood, metal, or other strong materials. Floor racks are good for multiple firearms and can be easier to build than gun wall racks. 

Owners will need to use wooden boards and a backing that includes semi-circles that can securely hold the barrel of the guns. They can then remove the guns by lifting them out of the circles that hold the butts of the guns and tilting them out of the semi-circle that holds the barrel. 

Wooden Gun Rack

A "sheriff-inspired" wooden gun rack is a traditional rifle storage option. The design of this gun rack is similar to that of a vertical wooden gun rack, including dark-stained wood and vertical slots. 

Single Horseshoe Wall Mount

A horseshoe mount can hold the butt of the rifle and the barrel for a unique design. The design of this gun rack includes a wooden board as backing and a horseshoe to hold the middle of the gun's butt. 

Owners can build this using a wooden board, mounting tools, and a horseshoe and can remove the gun by lifting it off of the horseshoe. 

Airsoft Gun Rack

1911 Pistol Mount

Display your airsoft guns using a wooden board for this vertical mount. The design of this mount uses a vertical board with tiny holes where mounts and screws can be installed. The air guns are then placed on the screws and mounted with the vertical material as the backing. 

Owners can make this using interconnects and pegboard panels and remove the airsoft guns by lifting them off the pegs. Alternatively, most airsoft guns will fit on the appropriate Spartan Mount for a more modern look.

Car Gun Rack

You can also use the trunk of your car as a display case. The design of this gun rack utilizes the space in the trunk to display firearms. 

Owners can use a carrying case, stand-up mounts, or ties to secure the guns on the floor of the trunk, making the guns easy to access and transport. 

Cabinet Gun Rack

Rifle Rack

A rifle rack cabinet can easily store all your guns. Gun owners can buy a cabinet and mount a vertical rack inside the locked cabinet for better organization. They can create this gun rack with two doors in the front to easily access and store the firearms in a confined space. 


How To Choose the Right Gun Rack Design for Your Collection

There are many criteria that homeowners and gun owners must take into consideration before they choose the right gun rack design for their firearms. 


Where do you want to put your gun rack? Some owners want them on the wall, whereas others may prefer a horizontal, corner, or table gun rack. 


The good news is all of our products at Spartan Mounts are affordable. However, you still need to decide how much you want to spend and the type of materials you need to purchase. Learning how to hang a gun rack can help you save money in the long run. 

DIY Experience

Gun owners must be realistic about what they feel comfortable they can build and construct in their homes. Understanding how to make a vertical gun rack can make the building process much easier. 

Choose High-Quality Gun Mounts

Lastly, selecting and using high-end parts is an absolute must if you want your rack to withstand the test of time and hold heavy guns safely. Spartan Mounts offers hooks, wall hangers, rifle wall mounts, shotgun mounts, vertical mounts, and much more for you to choose from! 

Owners only need to know how to install the mount on their rack. There is only one step needed to install the mount in drywall with the drywall anchors to securely fasten the rack to the wall.


Frequently Asked Questions

The following are a few commonly asked questions about gun racks.

How wide should a gun rack be?

A gun rack should have a length of 47", a width of 11", and a height of 38" to fit 15 guns. 

How far apart should hooks be on a gun rack?

The gun barrels and the hooks should be at least 2.5" apart. 

How tall is a gun rack?

A vertical gun rack is typically 36 3/4" tall and 17.5" deep. 


Did You Choose a Gun Rack Idea Yet?

Spartan Mounts has everything you need to create a durable and long-lasting gun rack. We have plenty of ideas for you to choose from, whether you want a vertical mount, horizontal rack, or unique idea you came up with yourself! We even have free shipping on bulk orders, and a no-questions return policy.

By considering the various gun racks at Spartan Mounts, you can buy the right materials that will make it easy and fast to put together high-end gun mounts. Shop gun mounts online today!