How to Build a Gun Rack in a Closet: Step-by-Step Guide

October 04, 2022 4 min read

Building your own gun rack provides the flexibility of personalizing a rack to fit your specific firearm needs. Whether you want a vertical rack that can work on your limited wall space or a horizontal gun rack for your garage, you have numerous options.

Learning how to build a gun rack in a closet is one of the most popular rack construction ideas. Not only does this work for interior space, like in a bedroom closet, but it can also work for additional buildings, like a shed, garage, or semi-detached house.

The best part? You can use Spartan Mounts products to ensure you save money and build a high-quality DIY gun rack that can fit your unique needs. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars for a generic gun rack, our products are compatible with horizontal gun racks, custom hangers, and other personalized gun storage ideas.

 Gun Rack Inside closet

What You'll Need

Before you get started, specific tools and materials are needed to ensure a long-lasting, secure, and durable closet rifle rack.  Choose the proper Spartan Mounts for the firearms you want to mount, as well as the proper hardware and install tools. Choosing high-end materials guarantees you create the best display gun rack that will last for years.


How to Build a Gun Rack in A Closet From Start to Finish

Knowing the tips and tricks of building a gun rack from start to finish is important, so you don’t skip any steps. We offer a step-by-step tutorial, so gun owners are confident in making stand-alone racks, weapon racks, and affordable gun racks for their homes.

  • Handgun mount: A handgun mount is necessary for your closet gun rack if you plan to keep your pistols mounted in the closet.
  • Shotgun mount: A shotgun mount allows for easy mounting and display, while also allowing you to store rounds in the ammo tube for easy home defense if you desire.
  • Rifle mount: A rifle mount is the best option to store your rifles vertically in the closet.  Spartan Mounts even offers top-rail-out vertical rifle mountsfor small areas. 

Rifle Closet Gun Rack

Step 1. Choose Your Closet

The first step of creating your gun rack is choosing the right closet space. Gun owners must decide where they want to build their in-home gun rack. 

Step 2. Choose a Rack Design

By browsing online gun closet design ideas, gun owners can find a cool idea they love for the additional space in their house. 

Step 3. Measure Your Gun Closet

Measure the closet using a tape measure to see how much space you have to build your custom rack.

Step 4. Take Inventory of What Will Be Displayed on the Rack

Determine if you're going to store rifles, magazines, uppers, shotguns, pistols, and other accessories in your rack. 

Step 5. Choose the Right Mount

Browse the 550 products at Spartan Mounts so that each firearm and accessory has a spot. 

Step 6. Measure Your Firearms

Ensure the firearms you want to display can fit in your chosen gun rack. Measure the width, length, and height of your firearms compared to the wall and floor space. 

Step 7. Mark the Areas in Your Closet Where You Want To Place the Rack

Using chalk or a construction pencil, measure the area where you want to build and hang the gun rack. 

Step 8. Mark the Areas Where the Guns Will Be Displayed

Mark the wall with some blue masking tape to help visualize where the guns will be displayed. Ensure you leave a couple of inches on each side for extra room and additional floor space to get in and out of the closet. 

Alternatively, you can use blue masking tape to lay out the size of the rack location on the floor, and lay your firearms inside the space to finalize their location before mounting.

Step 9. Paint and Add Finishes

Choose the type of finish you want for your rack. Most owners choose an easy spray-on finish or spray paint.  If you are mounting directly to your closet wall or door, now is your chance to add vinyl texture, or paint the walls before you mount your firearms.

Step 10. Attach the Mount

Use proper installation screws to attach the mounts to the wall or backing-board that the rack is built out of.  Transfer each mount using the locations you figured out in step 8

Step 11. Secure and Display Your Firearms and Enjoy Your New Rack

Display your work and firearms. Your custom rack is the best way to showcase your unique collection of guns.

 Pistol gun rack in a closet

Frequently Asked Questions

Still curious about the best place to put your gun collection? Check out these questions. 

Where Is the Best Place To Store a Gun?

Gun owners can store a gun in a closet to save space. Firearm owners can use vertical gun storage (vertical gun rack) on the wall or horizontal racks to lay out their firearms.

How Do You Store Guns Long-Term?

Guns can be stored long-term by using temperature-controlled storage space in a closet. Owners can use vertical storage with a vertical gun rack or horizontal storage with a horizontal gun rack to save space in their home's closet. 

Is It Safe To Store Guns in a Closet?

Yes.  If you don't have the money or the space for a traditional gun safe, one of the best storage solutions for keeping your firearms protected is to keep your gun in a closet with a standard key or fingerprint lock.  Not only is this relatively safe from burglars or children, you can keep your weapons temperature-controlled to avoid moisture, mildew, and deterioration

Can Guns and Ammo Be Stored Together?

This is a personal preference. However, if your gun rack is easy to access for display purposes, you should keep your ammo locked up separately for safety.


Are You Ready to Build Your Gun Rack in Your Closet?

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